Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip Photos

John, his dad and their friend, Stu, who has this cool plane. Note the man spacing.

Barefoot in the park.

Our early Thanksgiving with John. Note the extra purple guy next to John's head!

We had a little early mini-birthday party for Becca with a balloon and a big cookie! Papa John drew Barney on it in purple icing. Becca was so thrilled when we sang Happy Birthday to her!

Chillin'. Some of us with ruffles on our butts.

This was about one-eighth of the food on Thanksgiving day. In the front is asparagus casserole. In the back is a mischevious youngster.

Tony, Jane, me, Becca, Elmo and John--the Thanksgiving crew

Becca manned the beer station militantly. She also ate lots of ice and froze her hands off.


Tracy said...

cubodyWhat a great dress Becca has on. It really looks relaxing. Would you have ever thought (pre-kids)that you would ever have an extra purple member (or red for that matter)of your family and think it was quite normal? Ahh, the joy of children.

Joanna said...

Looks like lots of fun! Did you make more than one huge cookie? I put all the cookie dough from my recipe on a pan like that and had to clean some off the bottom of the oven - oops. Love the purple guy Grandpa drew!

Andrea & Ben said...

Looks like fun!

Jen said...

Cute CUTE pictures!

Nana said...

What a fun Thanksgiving/birthday!! Wish we could have been there with you! Looks like a great celebration - and it went on for days! That's my kind of party - particularly if someone else is cooking!

Molly said...

Favorite comment: "note the man spacing."

So glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving!

Jamie Lynn said...

You guys had some great weather huh? Looks like a wonderful time. LOVE that Thanksgiving lasted for so many days. I think that is one of the many reasons Tday is my favorite!

Angie said...

Looks like a great time. And, Becca is so cute! It seems even better that you had early Thanksgiving with John, so you could have it more than once. Yum.

Erin said...

Can you believe our kids are going to be TWO? I mean, I feel like Calum behaves like a two-year-old, but the idea of him actually TURNING TWO feels completely different. Two. TWO!

And then on the other hand, you're telling me we've only been moms for two years. Two measely years?

Katie said... are so right. Only 2 years? It feels like about 8 years. I have aged at least 10 years. It is weird how quickly it goes and long it seems!