Saturday, November 17, 2007

Travelling Fools

I am busily packing (blogging) for our trip to South Carolina tomorrow to stay with John's dad and Jane. Becca and I will be there until Friday. John will have to leave on Wednesday (like he was going to get his first Thanksgiving off. Right!) It sucks that he will be in a hotel in Jacksonville on Thanksgiving. I hate that!

But, I love travelling. I love going to see our family members and having others cook Thanksgiving meals for me and lounging around in my pajamas at 10 a.m. in someone else's house where I am not constantly thinking through "what needs to be done today."

I am not so crazy about trying to pack (Outfits that go with black? Or with brown? I'm tiring of brown, but my most comfortable travelling shoes are brown...Yawn.) I am also not so crazy about the traveling alone with a toddler before dawn thing. I am going to re-attempt the portable DVD player that Jo Anne lent me. When I first turned on a Barney video on the plane on Wednesday, some guy in the next aisle reached over with a pair of headphones and said we could borrow them.

I guess it isn't very polite to just be blasting Barney, of all annoying things, out loud in the airplane. Oops. Sorry 'bout that. I just figured my fellow passengers would rather hear "I love you, you love me..." than toddler screams. I guess they didn't want to hear either!

Becca wasn't too big on the headphones. She was too busy plowing her feet repeatedly into the seat in front of her and throwing fits.

So, I am going to try it again. I may need to go look for some child-sized headphones today at Target. That and an assortment of lollipops that she is only allowed to have during air travel. Those lollipops buy me about 5 minutes of sanity. How many is too many lollipops in one day, do you think? Would you think me a bad mom if her teeth rotted out of her head by age 4?


Jen said...

Lollis for the plane - good idea.

We were going to take Kate flying a few months ago, and wanted her to wear a protective headset for her ears. She hated them. So we put it in her play box, and now once in awhile she will put them on. Maybe the headphones won't work right away, but hopefully they will in time.

Yay for you and travel! I am so jealous!

The Quinn Report said...

I'm so jealous that you get to fly here and there whenever you wish. I would feel "special." Do you feel that way?

Katie said...

We actually had to get our own tickets to get to South Carolina because our airline doesn't go anywhere near there!

I did feel "special" at first being able to fly for free. But, it already feels just like normal. I take it for granted (which isn't a good thing.) It is a huge perk. But, of course, like anything, there are downsides to life in the airlines--the biggest being that I am on my own in the parenting department a LOT. A lot.

Jamie Lynn said...

I'd say, they're baby teeth they will eventually fall out... right? So whatever buys you some sanity. If that is 10 lollips, then so be it!
Have fun!

Tracy said...

Anything to get you through a plane ride. Of course if someone else asks you to put earphones on Becca, politly tell them to go ahead and try. That way when they fail it is their fault. Seriouly, I know of no kid who wears those things very well. Good luck flying. Oh and I get to fly free and I am jealous of how much you have gotten to do it. Damn commitments!

Joanna said...

If they make child size earphones they might be amusement enough in themselves for awhile even if she can't hear Barney too well. The ones in our car were too big when the kids were really small, but they still liked to wear them - wonder if that's partly because the bigger child was also wearing them though. And - I used to give Alan lollipops for my sanity in the car and he started rummaging in my purse as soon as he climbed in looking for them eventually... hopefully his teeth are okay. I've cut back. Sending lots of happy thought your way for the trip! Are you having a semi-Thanksgiving early for John's sake? I'd say a Thanksgiving alone (plus all the rest) is a high price for a few free tickets every now and then.

Natalie said...

Hi Katie, you've probably noticed I've been reading your blog b/c I'm probably the only one on your SiteMeter who's reading from Portugal. We've met through Angie a few times at Wainwright. Anyway, your blog is hillarious and I love to read it. Plane travel is hell with a two-year-old. But, what helped, a little, a few months ago, was a stash of new toys and books. Like dollar store things you can chuck later and take out at desperate moments during the plane ride. Hey, wrap them in wrapping paper if you think it would excite her more. Also, a new book (or two), and an Elmo coloring book that works with a pen you put water in. Not messy at all and reusable. Wal-mart or Target sells them. Can't think of the name. Have you tried kids music on your Ipod? It may work for a couple of minutes if you can get her to wear headphones...Licorice was a big hit too.

Angie said...

I would not worry about the other passengers having to listen to your DVD player. Seriously, haven't you been irritated by other's loud talking even. You can try the headphones, but I wouldn't worry too much about it, if they don't work. Oh, I made sure that I bought Allen a DVD player with 10 hours worth of battery power, and then we had constant movies on our flight over here, so he didn't even need it. It has been a lifesaver on trains, though.

Andrea & Ben said...

Let us know how the headphones work out. Have fun and enjoy the village for a few more days!