Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi! Bye!

You've been wondering where we went right? Well, I will tell you. We went to one urgent care clinic, one pediatrician's office, one laboratory and one pediatric emergency room! (All in two days!) Hoooo boy. Can't wait to see the medical bills next month.

Everything is okay. Becca is getting better, but she has been one very sick little girl! She has a UTI and some kind of wheezing problem that requires a nebulizer every 4 hours (it runs off a motor and forces steam into a face mask). I am pretty sure she had another febrile seizure, although she was in bed and I didn't witness it. She hasn't eaten well since Dec. 23rd and hasn't eaten anything since the morning of Christmas Eve. We were supposed to go home today, but canceled that after being at medical facilities for 12 hours yesterday! She was very dehydrated and was given a bag of IV fluid. They had to put a catheter in as well to find out if she had a UTI. The poor thing was held down and stabbed and poked entirely too many times yesterday!

John is on his way back to Texas and will stay here for a couple days. Hopefully Becca will be well enough to travel and we can all go back together this weekend. After John arrives, we will have five adults in one house caring for one kid. (Jo Anne, Jim, my mom, John, and me). Hopefully that should be enough! I have to go now because I haven't really eaten or showered in a long time and someone else is on sick watch for now! I will be back with photos once things really calm down!


Tracy said...

I am so sorry to hear that. I am glad she is getting better and so happy that there are five adults in the house and not just you (which almost always is the case) Kiss her head for all of us and hurry home.

Andrea & Ben said...

Oh Katie, I feel so bad for miss Becca. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Not that it needs to happen, but at least you have lots of help.

The Quinn Report said...

I can't believe that; it sounds terrible. Can't wait to hear the outcome of it all. Hope she gets feeling better.

Jen said...

Oh, horrible, horrible. It is the saddest thing to have to cathetize a toddler. Kate had to have one for a UTI a year ago and I cried the whole 20 minutes the ER staff took to put it in. I hope she feels better soon.