Friday, January 11, 2008

Becca Sings the Barney Song

Hi from Barney Central! I hope you enjoy this song and when you listen to it, imagine hearing it All. Day. Long.

I have now been to Target 5 times in the last 24 hours, buying and returning every shade of red curtain in the damn store. I am back where I started, only my gas tank is depleted. Why can't someone make some un-tacky, un-90s looking window treatments that can be purchased in a big box store for cheap? Is it that hard? Hmmmm...maybe I should look at the more gold-toned curtains......(Oh LORDY I cannot go back to the curtain aisle at Target again! I will be spotted and people will post my picture on the Internet and call me Crazy Curtain Lady. She comes in here, like, 4 times a day to look at curtains!)


Angie said...

That is the cutest video EVER. I love it. I can imagine that you might not want to hear it all day long, but how sweet.

Joel and Angela said...

That is so CUTE!!!! I still can't believe how much more she can talk than Luke. He simply has no interest. But that song is priceless.
I am sure you and I are both on the "watch out for these customers" list. I sware I am the queen of return!!

Andrea & Ben said...

I will say - since you plan on being in your home more than 3 years, spend some money on curtains. You will be glad in the end. Maybe you can find something on sale at pottery barn online or check out I love that store! Becca is so grown up!!! I can't believe she is singing songs!

nana said...


You have a beautiful voice and can you ever carry a tune! I bet you'll be singing Dona Nobis Pachem in no time! Which part would you like - first, second or third? We can call up our relatives and leave singing messages on their answering machines!

Love you,

nana said...


Please call us anytime and sing to Grandpa and me!

Tracy said...

Holy Crap, she sounds a lot older than she really is. So you sent back the valances? No hemming for me?

The Quinn Report said...

I feel like people look and judge me like that too when I'm on a mission to find a certain something and have to make a zillion trips.

The song she sang is so damn cute! I love the sweet look on her face while she's singing it. Becca is BEAUTIFUL!!

bevo said...

I've listened to dear Becca sing about 10 or 20 times and I'm trying to understand that second line. "We have a sin sick century?" Is that it? For us non-Barney folk, could you please translate?

Thanks and Hook 'Em!

Katie said...

Sin Sick Century??? HAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I love it!

Here are the "lyrics" to the second verse (which she likes better than the first verse):
I love you
You love me
We're best friends
Like friends should be
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too.

(Except she always says, "Won't you say you love me to YOU!)

Mandy said...

This is SOOOO cute! Hannah is watching it saying "again baby song", so we have watched it several times over. I love that you have captured these moments and that you share them. Hope everyone is well and getting some rest finally!

Jen said...

I can't believe how well she enunciated that song!

I hate curtains, too! I'm not a big fan of valances (I think most of them look like they are from the 90s), and most curtains are just not right for my tastes. Have you tried Pier One? Sometimes they have good sales and I think they have nicer curtains!

Anonymous said...

Susan thinks it sounds like "we'll be friends eventually."

love first, friends later . . .

We love Becca and her ability to emote AND ennumciate! More music!

JoAnne said...


jame lynn said...

You, my friend are the inspiration. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna leave a comment then I red something about curtains.

Anonymous said...

Ummm...did you bring along a paint chip or a fabric swatch to compare shades of red? Try a fabric store. There should be a much larger selection of fabrics. Ask for a sample first, since once they cut off twelve yards for you, they may not have as generous a return policy as Target has.

Ten or twelve years from now, you'll be happy to listen to the recording of Becca singing the Barney song! Especially the line about "we're a happy family" (that's the verse I remember). Here's hoping the technology will still be available to play it.

(Great) Aunt Linda