Monday, January 28, 2008

Boring Boring Boring

Becca and I decided to go check out the church at the preschool yesterday. I am hesitant to really go church-hunting because of my poor kid. She tends to just cry the entire time she's in the nursery, so the thought of putting her through that at ten million different churches just seems cruel. So, yesterday I just let her stay in the service with me. I just wanted to be sure nothing freaky was going on. I was pretty sure we weren't going to be joining this church, and I was right.

I prepped her extensively about how she is to be quiet and not talk, etc, etc. And, she was quiet--during the music. But, as soon as any song ended she would just scream "ALL DONE! MUSIC ALL DONE!" at the top of her lungs. Oops. I also told her if she was very good and quiet she could have a donut afterwards. That was a mistake, because she spent a good few minutes talking VERY LOUDLY about donuts. I found an old Tootsie pop in my purse and that shut her up for most of the sermon, so all in all, it went well.

There were no snakes. No speaking in tongues. I feel okay about the preschool now. The music was too horrendous to mention, though, so I can't ever join that church. People holding microphones and singing to taped--and hideous-- music is just NOT for me. It was like karaoke minus the cocktails. And without the fun. And I am SO SICK of them just putting words on a screen without the music and notes. How am I supposed to sing along if they don't provide me with the NOTES? AAAAAAAAAA. Just guess? Just make something up? It is so frustrating!

So, I guess I'm going to sign her up for preschool, and if I change my mind later, I will just not send her. Is that bad?

As for is CABIN FEVER around here. I know it isn't as cold and dark as Alaska, but we are seeming to spend as much time indoors anyway. I don't know why. There is such a bitter cold wind that I just can't get myself psyched up to walk the dog and the kid. Just the thought of it sends shivers down my back. Brrr! Poor Becca has been watching way too much TV. I just know it. And I feel really guilty about it, but I just can't help myself from turning it on for her. Someone make me feel better about this, please?? She has had lots of play time with friends the last couple days, so it isn't like she isn't doing anything else, but I do still feel guilty.

Today Becca and I are off to the library. And then we are both taking naps. I've been just waking up at 6 a.m., unable to to back to sleep. But, it has been kind of nice to get up and get all showered and dressed in total peace and quiet. Then, I'm actually ready for Becca to wake up. I should do that every day. Easier said than done.


joanna said...

I understand completely your dislike of the music on cd and words on a projector screen! I felt the same way at the church we attended in AK. I usually tried to show up after the music was over. They did a few traditional hymns at the end of the service and I liked being able to follow the music in the book. Anyway, now in AZ I started listening occassionally to a Christian radio station and I realize all those songs on the projector screen were some of the most popular songs on Christian radio. And now I can sing along to the radio.

bevo said...

When you started the 3 year-old playschool, you went with your buddy Jenna. Knowing her may have been why you stayed so easily and happily at first. If you knew another child in Becca's class, maybe a play date or two before school starts - or some play dates after you scope out the class would help Becca adjust at first if she knows (and likes)someone there.

Tracy said...

You should totally not feel bad about the TV. Here is how Renee puts it. Her kids are outside SO much in the summer, that the over watching of it in the winter is okay. It all evens out.
YOu go out A LOT. You shouldn't feel like you stay in. The only reason we go out is school. That is what winter is for, sitting and gearing up for the summer go go go time!

Jen said...

There has been a lot of toddler TV going on here lately, too. I feel guilty, but it is sometimes the only way you can get anything done!

I don't know any of the church songs that they put up on the screens, either. That makes it my least favorite part of church.

About pre-school: Kate hated hers for the first 3 days (what the teacher and a newspaper article she gave me both said would happen) and now she loves it. Loves. My advice would be to just drop her off and leave right away. Don't wait around to watch the drama or you will feel so guilty, and it will drag out the pain for both of you. She'll get to liking it soon enough!

Oh, and how was her VCUG?

Angie said...

I don't like the screen hymns, either. We went to Christmas Eve service, and instead of singing Christmas hymns out of the hymnal, we were singing the praise songs on the screen-not Christmas songs! I was totally disappointed in the service. Oh, and the sermon wasn't about Christmas, either. Darn general protestant service.

I am glad that you checked out the church, though. That would have been my hesitation about putting my child in a church preschool I wasn't familiar with. If religious education is any part of the preschool, you want to know what your kid will be learning.

Angie said...

And, I'm about to turn on the tv over here.

el-e-e said...

oh, GAH. I can't stand the projectors with lyrics in church. I need notes, too. Drives me crazy.

(Found you through swistle, maryb, etc) :)

Good job having a tootsie pop on-hand! I may have to try that.