Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Keep Moving, Nothing New Here....

Still the same thing here. Lots of screaming, very little sleeping. Today I felt a little sharp edge of a 2-year molar in her mouth. Grrrrreat. Here we go. We have to get FOUR of those bitches through? You have GOT to be kidding me. There isn't enough wine in the world to get me through this.

Becca screamed for a solid hour this morning after I told her it was not time to get up yet. She woke up three times in the night in apparent pain. I kept her dosed up on Motrin and Tylenol, though they didn't seem to make much difference. When I realized she wasn't going back to sleep, I calmly explained to her that it wasn't time to get up yet and she could stay in her crib and play with her toys QUIETLY if she wasn't tired. I said that I would be back in to get her when it was time to get up and there was to be no crying. I think she punctured one of my ear drums with the decibel level of her instant screams as I turned away from the crib. I closed all the doors between us, turned on the bathroom fan and took a shower. I felt like punching the shower wall in frustration as I cussed and cursed and cried a litte. It was not yet 6 a.m. I fantasized about going downstairs and getting the video camera to record the heinous banshee noise so y'all could hear it for yourselves....but I didn't.

Worse, she wasn't allowed to eat this morning because it was the day for her kidney and bladder ultrasound at 9 a.m.. And, this is a child that wakes up ravenous and begging for food every single morning. There was NO way I could hold her off for three hours. I caved in and let her eat some dry Cheerios. I couldn't deal otherwise.

Then, she screamed through the entire (totally NON-PAINFUL) ultrasound. We have to go back next Tuesday for a VCUG (to look at her urinary tract function), where they inject dye up her hoo-ha with a catheter and take ten million X-rays of it. Can't WAIT for that one.

Afterwards, she got a bunch of stickers and a lollipop and went over to play with Tracy's kids on their playground. I gave her some decongestant before her nap today (THANK YOU, O Smart Mother Readers!) and I'm hoping she sleeps well. I know that I need to get lots of stuff done, but for some reason as soon as I hear blessed silence emanating from her bedroom, my eyelids droop and I feel the call of the big, fluffy magnet (the bed). It is hard to be productive when you are sleep deprived and pissed off.

I'm so sorry to keep bitching and ranting and venting about the same thing, but it is basically all consuming for me right now. I should be focusing on the GOOD stuff. Like, how we went and looked at some ducks in a pond today before her appointment, how we had a great day at IKEA this weekend, how we had fun at the library yesterday, how well she is playing with Tracy's girls, and how beautiful the weather has been, and how we took a nice long walk yesterday in the sunshine....But, my GOD, it is really hard to focus on the good when you are sleep deprived and pissed off!

Here are some photos of the good moments, just to remind me.

Who, ME?


Tracy said...

I sure hope she is sleeping right now. Good luck with that! Thanks for playing, you made the morning go by SOO fast and you were my knight in shining armor... I can't rake with company right??

Jen said...

I love that 2nd picture of the three girls. Cute.

I'm sorry you didn't get to do the VCUG today; it would have been great to get it all done at once and now be done with it all. But, the VCUG isn't painful (I can't imagine it would be, at least), just uncomfortable, so hopefully that will help at least your state of mind?

Good luck with the naps. Hope the decongestants help.

Feener said...

becca souns so like sass it is scary
i was just going to ask about her molars
slab oragel on
no sorries for venting it makes me feel like i am not alone

Dad said...

Turn off the baby monitor? You never had one.

Cheryl said...

Oh Katie! I'm so sorry. Your plate has been so full lately. Don't feel even a little bit sorry for venting...it's your sanity right now. When the days drag on with a sick little one who won't sleep, your sanity slowly slips away somehow and all you can see are the bad parts. You have amazing readers who've offered advice that I'm totally stealing. Nothing else to add other than I hope you BOTH recover soon!

Feener said...

I am not sure if that is your DAD or not that commented, but it made me LOL b/c it is exactly what my dad would say.

he also says small kids small problems. i just roll my eyes and think - thanks - i am really looking forward to that.

Angie said...

I totally understand. I've gone days without blogging and weeks with only posting a few pictures, because all I wanted to write was "there is still no sleeping in this house." Ashlyn was never sick, though, even though I greatly considered drugs anyway.

Natalie said...

Screaming, cranky, tired kids will fry your last nerve, sap you of all your energy and make you feel as if you're going insane. You'll question your ability as a mother and realize that getting a job and putting her in daycare would be SO much easier. Yet, we push through.

I too take showers to drown out the noise. Hey, she's safe in her crib (Olivia doesn't get out of her bed once I put her there and Lila's still in a crib), and if I don't take a break, things just get worse and a little or lot of crying on her part while I take a break is still better than a mommy who hasn't taken a few mintues to calm down and take time for herself.

Sleep issues. My kids, Lila more than Olivia, gets really thrown off when she's been sick. She's over her reaction to her chicken pox vaccine but is still up two times a night. She had been sleeping through the night for a few months. And, she's teething. So, I doubt there will a full-nights sleep on my end for a while. It all passes, though, each time I think I'm going to lose it. And, each night, I tell myself I'm going to go to bed early and I never do. Thus, I pay for it later.

As far as wine goes, 4:00pm is the new 5:00, right? Drink up.