Monday, January 07, 2008

Nap Rage Doesn't Begin to Cover It

Something is not right around here. In fact, something is just downright WRONG. I am about to bust a gasket out of the top portion of my head and steam will spew forth and eyeballs will spring from slinkies and tongues will fall out and loll about on the floor.

Becca is still not napping. And she is waking up at 5: 45 a.m. And she is throwing the most god-awful tantrums all day long over NOTHING.

Me: Do you want milk or juice, Becca?

Me: Here is your favorite book. Let's read it.
Her: NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOO. I want THAT book (points at different book).
Me: Okay. Let's read that book.
Her: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO I want THAT book (points at original favorite book).
Me: Okay. (Starts reading.)

Me: (Inhaling a huge breath, crossing fingers...)It is nap time.
Both: (Choke on own spit. Scream. Fall down.)


Tracy said...

Again no nap? I guess you are going to have to run her around the block many times to wear her out. Better yet, why don't YOU sit in the stroller, and have her push you. Then you aren't forced to walk.

bevo said...

You have my sympathy - a girlchild who doesn't know the value of a nap is a challenge. Tracy's idea is great. You were going to start a new exercise program anyhow, weren't you? Have Becca chase Canyon around the backyard for awhile!

jamie lynn said...

I hate to say that I am laughing, cause I know payback are fun, but I am, none-the-less. I hope she and you have a long peaceful nap in the very near future.

Feener said...

how old is she ?

I swear that sounds so much like what i went through. is she sick at all ? ear infection ? sinus ? one time sass had a sinus infection, i took her in to the doc b/c she was acting crazy, not sick. i use to do car rides to keep myself sane. i would load both kids in the car and drive around, sometimes getting drive thru and eating, while they slept. i felt like such a LOSER but what were my choices. just hearing her chat on the monitor drove me BATTY. what about a car ride ???

Laura said...

I can't even begin to imagine how long your day becomes when you have to cater around a non-napper. When my daughter's naptime gets cut short, I sometimes feel like I could glue her to the wall.

I almost hate to offer a recommendation for a product that I've not tried, but I'm a huge fan of Hyland's homeopathic treatments and I've seen a new products they have called "Hyland's Calms Forte 4 Kids Sleep Aid." It might be worth a shot to allow her to get some rest. It claims to temporarily relieve the symptoms of restlessness, sleeplessness and "causeless crying." (I love that one!) It probably couldn't hurt to try. There's still time today to get her to unwind.

Also, I've been reading about your resolution to make money by being on the computer (blogging.) Hey, I think you're worth reading already! I came across a site that is currently offering information about the same topic. Once Becca goes to sleep, check out to see if there is anything worthwhile that appeals to you.

Whoo, look at me spilling out unsolicited advice all over the place! I really hope that you both get a break soon! I'm rooting for you!

Katie said...

So, in an act of desperation I tried giving her Motrin before her nap. Guess what?? She's been sleeping for three hours! THREE! I slept for 2 of them! God...I hope she is BREATHING in there. This doesn't feel quite right....

This means that the poor girl is in some kind of pain. Ear? Tooth? WHAT? I keep asking her if various body parts hurt and she keeps saying, "No!"

Laura...thanks for the website recommendation! I am looking on there now and am very glad to see that someone has compiled such information for me already! Thanks!

Feener..she just turned 2. The doctor told me she has fluid in her ears, so I am chalking it up to that, but HOLY CRAP, how long does it take fluid to go away? I'm scared it is an ear infection! The car ride idea sounds great...especially the fast food part!

Marthamydear said...

Maybe Becca has a low grade headache from the pressure of the ear fluid. Most kids don't seem to understand the concept of a headache, so maybe that's why she can't tell you what hurts. Yay for Motrin! Did any of the drs suggest trying a decongestant to dry up the fluid? I had really congested ears, and that's the only thing that got rid of it. (If you can get the real childrens' Sudafed without any other ingredients, that what we use for when Maclain gets really congested.)

Andrea & Ben said...

SUrely she isn't feeling well. It sounds worse than terrible twos, but I am not a mom and have nothing for you except a virtual hug!

Natalie said...

I agree with marthamydear.

Decongestants would help dry up the fluid and relieve the pressure she's probably feeling. In the meantime, the Motrin will help with relieve any inflammation and pain/discomfort. The decongestant can also help prevent it from turning into an ear infection.

In fact, a peds doctor once had me use Motrin and decongestants (for Olivia) instead of antibiotics for an ear infection he thought was was viral and not bacterial. Worked great!

I noticed that you commented that she slept. But, I agree that the Hylands may work too especially while her body tries to get her immune system back on track.

Did your doctor suggest an immune booster and probiotics (probiotics to restore the good bacteria in her stomach the antibiotics are killing off-LOTS of yogurt can work too)? Both usually found at health food stores in the US in liquid form or, here in Portugal, a doctor will give an Rx to pick up at the pharmacy.

Just a thought.

Katie said...

Y'all rule! Thank you for all the ideas! I am going to get a decongestant for SURE!

Tracy said...

Can you find decongestants on the shelves anymore? I have never heard of those homopathic solutions, sounds neat. Good luck with all of that.

Jen said...

Either it's the terrible two's (that apparently last until they are well into their 3rd year, a friend told me), or maybe she is still sick?

Hopefully you will find out something tomorrow morning. I hope your appointment goes well. You will be done by the afternoon!

Oh, yes: Tracy and Bevo are right! Exercise her! That is sure to help, if not right away, within a couple of days.

Jen said...

Okay, I just read all the comments. You can still get some decongestants OTC. We have found both Dimetap and Robitussin (pediatric versions) and I think I like the Robitussin better. It has stronger ingredients. That must be a good thing, right?

Natalie said...

If you have an appt. today with the doc, I'd ask about decongestants. Maybe you can get an Rx? Like Jen said, there are some still out there. Though, harder to find. As far as the other stuff like probiotics and immune boosters, can't hurt to ask too. Different docs have different thoughts about those (our doc is all over them) and each child is different. Good luck!

Angie said...

I feel your pain. I've been through it. The less they sleep, the more they need it, the less likely they are going to get it.

marthamydear said...

At our pharmacy, you can still get childrens' sudafed (not the infants anymore) with the pseudoephedrine in it. That's the good one (not the new crap that doesn't work) and it is behind the pharmacy counter. Try to get the one with only the decongestant in it. Part of the reason the other stuff got pulled was because of dextromethorphan (a cough suppresant) - some kids can't metabolize it and it builds up to poisonous levels after multiple doses.

Swistle said...

I am really sorry. My girl (if that IS her real name, WHICH I DOUBT) is pulling the same crap around here. Wish we could get together at naptime, shut the little darlings in a crib together, and toss back a little non-naptime consolation.

This too will damn-well pass.