Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blabbing, Blobs and Barf

Now that we've discussed the elephant in the (cyber) room, I can get back to posting! It was too hard to think of other things to write about when my mind was consumed with the following thoughts: sleep, must sleep, so very tired, nauseous, starving but nauseous, tired....and I couldn't write about it!

Thank you guys for all your well wishes! I will answer all your questions...eventually. I promise!

I finally decided to tell the world after having my first ultrasound on Friday, where I learned we have only one grainy-looking blob with one flickering heartbeat. (The head is on the left and the limb buds for the feet are on the right. The bulbous thing in the middle is the heart, not the penis, as John likes to say it is. John hasn't read all the pregnancy books that tell you in detail that the genitalia has not formed yet. In fact, I could tell you exactly what has formed and what is forming today--teeth, under the gums-- I read those books so much.)

I was a little worried about the possibility of multiple grainy blobs since I conceived on my first cycle of Clomid. But! Just one! I know it is still kind of early to reveal to all the world (8 weeks) but I just can't go on blogging unless I start blogging about this. And, you know I can't quit blogging.

I feel less nauseated than I did when pregnant with Becca. I assume it is because I eat when Becca eats, which is pretty often. I have been forcing myself to eat protein whenever I feel slightly yucky and it really has helped.

I am still amazed by just how much I can sleep. I have taken a nap every day since I found out I was pregnant. Every. Day. For 2 or more hours. I lie down and just close my eyes and the next thing I know it is 2 hours later I haven't even moved. And I can still go to bed at 9 p.m. and sleep all night long. When pregnant with Becca, I would sneak off to the backseat of my car during my lunch break and fall completely asleep. I had my car stocked with pillows and blankets. Oh how I love the pregnancy nap.

We don't plan to find out the sex with this baby either. We don't really need to buy much for this one, aside from a double stroller. I painted the nursery green, so I there isn't much preparation needed for either sex. Other than the pink toile curtains in the nursery, everything is pretty gender neutral.

The main stuff I have to do is get Becca moved to a big bed and into a new room AND potty trained by September (she has to be potty trained to start nursery school). I hope I get some more energy in my second trimester and can tackle those chores. We have sold the queen bed in Becca's new room because it took up the entire room. So we need to get her some new furniture... but that would require.....something annoying like... waking up. The new baby doesn't really need a crib right away, right? Would it be terrible to keep Becca in the crib until.....she is like 5?

We have been having just a SPECTACULAR weekend. Despite my best efforts last week, Becca somehow still caught the stomach bug from the sick kids down the street. Excuse me, but if your child has barfed in the last few hours why why WHY would you bring him to the public library and let him play with the puzzles and toys? And, if your child has--how shall we say this delicately?--the SHITS... why why WHY would you bring him to a neighborhood birthday party? Okay. Enough about that. She is on the mend today and I'm praying like mad that I don't catch it! I'm also praying I never watch another Dora episode for as long as I live. She won't watch anything else.....just Barney and Dora. I have tried other shows but she cries and yells, "DORA!" So, of course, I acquiese because as annoying as most cartoon voices are, none are as annoying as a toddler's cries.


Marie Green said...

I agree that Dora voice is ANNOYING... but like you said, not as annoying as toddler whines.

I'm so excited for you! And, having twins myself, I'm so excited it's just one! Babies are supposed to come one at a time! Yay!

Being tired was probably my worst (beginning, anyway) pregnancy symptom. It was all consuming, that tiredness. I'm glad you've managed to nap- I did too, but had to put the twins in front of the tv while I crashed on the couch, since they were no longer napping...

I can't wait to see how this journey unfolds for you!

Tracy said...

I am glad Becca is feeling well. The best part is John should be back tomorrow right? Just in time for Becca to be completely back to normal, you completely drained from taking care of her and your house completely trashed from the previously mentioned things. And then have John say something to the lines of she doesn't seem too sick..Oh wait that happens at my house, my bad.. I am glad she is better.

Katie said...

Well, you are right about one thing, house is TRASHED. Completely and thoroughly trashed. I really need to do some serious cleaning. It is borderline unsanitary around here....

Erin said...

That is totally irresponsible to bring your sick kid to the library! I HATE THAT. Come on! You do not live in a vacuum.

Sorry you're feeling nauseous. I never had that with pregnancy and totally feel bad for anyone who does. Hope it ends in the first trimester.

I cannot WAIT to hear more about the pregnancy. I am so excited for you! Becca is going to love being a big sister. I know that sounds cliche, but I really think she'll be great. Just based on how much Calum has like it, and on what I know of Becca from your blog.

Did I mention how excited I am for you?!

I'm really excited!

Natalie said...

Katie, I nearly pissed my pants reading this post. I am SO with you. I hate puke, fevers, the shits, etc.

Flash back to a bit over a year ago. In the final weeks of the extension, I dropped Olivia off at hourly care. I was getting my hair highlighted and cut the week before I was due to have Lila. In walked a mother to drop off her daughter. She mentioned to one of the teachers that her daughter had stopped puking but still had bad diarrhea. I felt heat go up my neck and onto my face. Infuriated, I nearly asked this mother myself to walk her child out and back home. We had husband's coming home in a month. Who did she think she was, dropping a sick child off??That's all we need to go around, "welcome home honey, I love you. We've missed you so much during the past 16-months. Now, excuse me while I barf my brains out and ask you to take care of the kids and I for a few days as we get over this nasty stomach bug. Again, welcome home."

I had to leave Liv there (she didn't get it). It took me weeks to get in to the hair dresser. What was I supposed to do? Hourly care wouldn't send the other baby home until she had shit herself twice. Even though they sent her home the day before. What stupid rules.

Anyway. I have nursed a one year old, on the toilet, with a bucket in front of me, while 8-weeks pregnant, sick with pregnancy sickness and a stomach/butt bug. You can bet I had a few choice words later that day for my husband and his choice of career.

Why people, like your neighbors, don't take more precautions, is beyond me. What's a few days or even a week holled up in your house so you don't give it to anyone else going to hurt? It's part of being a responsible parent, neighbor, friend, community member. Some people have the idea that it's good to spread it around quickly so everyone gets it and gets over it, than to draw it out. Whatever. Stupid and I will never get it Good luck.

Jen said...

Ugh, the stomach flu. YUCK. I hope she is on the mend, quick!

Dora. Double Ugh. I am so thankful that Kate now also enjoys the Backyardigans. Keep trying new shows; you never know when she will start to like something else. I think Kate started to enjoy other shows once she realized her friends like them...

Keep sleeping! You will get your energy back in a few weeks, and will be a storm of activity. It will all get done in time, and you are right - the baby doesn't need a crib right away!

Oh, were you that person who wrote in to Swistle anonymously about being pregnant??

Can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy! Congrats, again!

Andrea & Ben said...

How cute! I feel ya on the tired. I keep waiting for it to end - I have been promised by many people but I am not convinced. Hope Becca is back to feeling better and you get your energy soon!!

Lysandra said...

I think you have always needed mucho sleep. Even in Alaska.

Joel and Angela said...

OH KATIE! I have just caught up on things and read the big news! Congratulations! Good on ya for not finding out again. I love the excited at the delivery when Joel tells me what the new baby is (3 more months for us). And as far as naps go....I took a 3 1/2 hour nap today. I wasn't able to take one the past two days because I was getting things ready for Claire's bday party so Luke and I slept all afternoon!!!!! HOpe Becca is feeling better.
Very excited for you!!

Angie said...

I understand the concern about multiple blobs on clomid, too. So, if you were on clomid, does that mean you've been trying for awhile? I never know, since some doctors give out drugs really fast, while others think that you must wait a year.

I don't get the bringing sick kids places, either. I don't keep Ashlyn home for a small cold, but stomach bugs for sure. She is actually home right now with a fever.

Katie said...

We weren't trying long at all, but I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which means I only ovulate about 5 to 6 times a year. So, the doctor just wanted to try to regulate my cycle a bit! I don't think my body even responded to the Clomid. You are supposed to ovulate 6 days after taking your last pill and I ovulated 50 days after.....but hey! We got the result we wanted!

Constance said...

When one of my kids was in kindergarten, another mother explained as we waited to pick up the kids from the Christmas party that she just didn't have the heart to keep her barfing child home that day and miss the party. No one said anything; we were too stunned. She exposed a bunch of children to barf germs right before CHRISTMAS?

I still think a public beating would have been appropriate.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS KT, john, and becca!!

You and Amalah are really on the same page KT - pregnant at the same time again!

Anonymous said...

Just read the happy news! Congrats to your family!


Angie said...

Ok, I felt bad after my comment that maybe I was being too nosy.
I'm really very happy for you.

The Peregos said...

Congratulations to you and your family; Wahooo!! I'm very happy for you. Happy napping as much as you possibly can.

Lost in Space said...

Enjoy your freedom!

MaryB said...


Such happy, happy news!

Nap lots and I hope the yucky 1st trimester flies by for you.

You are so brave with the not finding out the sex. Im way too much of a control freak over-planner for that! I totally am jealous of people that can hold out for that exciting moment in the delivery room.

susan said...

I don't get the comment from "lost in space."

I could come visit you and you could take care of me and my low iron as well as the barfy poopster :)

Also, do have a baby shower for the 2nd?

Susan said...

Also, didn't get what Clomoid (sp?) was until I wikipedia-ed it. Is that common knowledge for everyone or just moms on the blog circuits?