Friday, February 22, 2008

Total Eclipse of the Blog Topics

Like my non-tripod photo of the moon eclipse? There was really only one moon and it was in focus. But, for some reason I have bought/recieved as gifts expensive cameras and telephoto lenses....but have never shelled out 20 bucks for a tripod. Dumb.

I just haven't had enough to write about lately, have I? I apologize for the recent lameness. I've been avoiding my neighbors who have three kids with the stomach flu and that has pretty much sucked up all my time because those people are EVERYWHERE. I cannot get away from them.

Today everything is cancelled in Maryland because of freezing precipitation. John and I laugh at how often they cancel schools around here. It seems like once a week! I don't think they EVER cancelled schools in Alaska--even when it was 55 degrees below zero. They didn't even cancel flying at the Air Force base until 40 below. In Alaska it starts snowing in September and never melts again until May. But, until our last year there I never encountered freezing rain. And, I HATE freezing rain. It is pretty much the worst weather condition, and it happens here every other week! It is treacherous out there!

But, I am going to grin and bear the treachery today, because lo, I have a hair appointment--and an eyebrow waxing appointment. This is the height of luxury! My husband is at home today (see also: ice covered roadways) and so I am taking advantage! I've decided the hardest part of being a full-time mom is how quickly I become bored. I really look forward to ANYTHING out of the routine. Yesterday I was whining on the phone to Tracy about how I really miss having lunch dates. She said, "We'll meet you for lunch!" And my whole day brightened up just like that! The Whopper with cheese also helped.
Having a toddler who seems to have recovered from her previous awful spell also helps cure the winter blahs.


MommyK said...

I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning and was cursing the weather man and his ice. Unless it's a blizzard, I AM GOING!

Years ago, MD got hit with a bad storm and didn't send the kids home early. Kids were stranded on buses and all over the place because the roads were so treacherous. After that, I think they closed school if someone even hinted at a flake.

sgtsharp said...

When I was station in Va. near DC even with the threat of snow everything closed. we also called the drivers left foot brakers.Of couuse I remember on I-95, where the flow of traffic was faster then an ambulance with its emergency lights going.

Jen said...

What cute pictures!

I KNOW about the whole getting bored thing. Well, I used to know about it. Put your house on the market and voila! No more boredom.

Anyway. Have fun out and about! And be careful out there!

Natalie said...

My outings to the salon are called, "getting cleaned up." Lip, eyebrows, hair cut, highlight, pedicure. I spend a small fortune, but it is so worth it!

Today, our outing to the "new" park got me so excited, it was all I could think about all morning. Then, I actually had a blast with my kids. Ten years ago, if someone told me finding a "new" park would excite me, I would have laughed! Ten years ago, I was still at the "I don't want kids ever" stage.

Andrea & Ben said...

So now having read your next post - I was thinking about how I could avoid the lunar eclipse (guess you should have too;0).....go figure I would post the folklore and a few days later there would be an eclipse and today I ate a banana. Geez.
Glad you got out. It is nice to have Tracy so close!