Monday, March 17, 2008


Here's the thing about flying standby....sometimes it doesn't work out. I was supposed to fly back to Baltimore today to get there in time for choir tonight. But......the spring breakers and SXSWers and Rodeo people in Austin have made that an impossibility. Excuse me, but who decided that Austin is suddenly the "it" place to hang out? I know it is cool and all, but let's not ruin it, people! Anyway, since the flights were all full, I'll be staying in Austin until we head to San Antonio on Friday. Honestly, it is kind of a relief not to attempt three more flights with a toddler in 6 days. I just wish I had packed more than three outfits!

We have had a wonderful weekend. We got together with Jim and Jo Anne in San Antonio Friday night after our flight. I am starting to get pissed off about my lack of dinner eating skills when pregnant. I just CANNOT eat dinner. I can eat about three bites. Then, suddenly, I feel so stuffed and bloated and miserable that I just want to lay on the couch and moan. Normally, it isn't that big a deal until I am at a Tex-Mex restaurant, faced with a guacamole puffy taco that I cannot eat. This will not stand. I don't remember this lasting quite so long when I was pregnant with Becca. In fact, I mostly remember just stuffing my face nonstop.

Saturday Becca made a cherry pie with Grandpa and my mom and I went shopping at Babies 'R Us. I am always on the lookout for preemie sized clothes (Becca was positively swimming in the newborn size at first) that are gender neutral, since we aren't going to find out the sex of Baby #2. I only found two that are truly gender neutral. I guess it is just out of style to leave the baby's sex a surprise. No one markets to us!! Of course, I'll probably end up with a ten pound baby this time that won't even fit in the preemie stuff anyway (God forbid).

Where was I? I could talk about baby clothes for hours. So, this weekend we went to church. Becca yelled out "BE QUIET" at the top of her lungs right after the organ prelude ended. I had her sitting next to my dad, then my mom next to him, then me. Dad gave her a few lollipops and some crayons, over which she exclaimed about them being "BIG BIG CRAYONS! A GREEN ONE!" Then, when handed the second lollipop, she yelled out "A YELLOW ONE! I GOT A YELLOW LOLLIPOP!" I pretended I didn't know who that kid was down the pew from me.
Then, we helped make Dad's devil's food cake with white mountain icing for his birthday party. Wait. No. We didn't actually help. I laid on the couch moaning (this nausea crap-like feeling has lasted entirely too long with this pregnancy!) while my mom baked the cake and Tara and David made it the frosting. We ate at Macaroni Grill with David and Tara and then we came home and had a little birthday celebration for my dad. He turned 64 on Tuesday, so my mom sang him the song "When I'm 64." It was cute.

Now Becca and I are sitting around the house wondering why it is so quiet. Mom and Dad are off at work and we are kind of confused as to how to entertain ourselves! Becca keeps asking me to go out in the backyard and find worms for her.


The Quinn Report said...

Worms? Nah, I would pass on that too! Salem wants to be outside nonstop too, but I just can't hack it with all these nasty allergies. A big, no HUGE, pain in the kicker!

Jen said...

How fun! Staying extra long would be awesome if not for the lack of outfits. Maybe a new pair of comfy chic sweatpants are in order? I bet you could get some pregnancy mileage out of them, too.

Becca looks so grown up. Amazing. And adorable.

Tracy said...

yay you and getting to stay longer. maybe you can help your mom with her work after Becca goes to bed. Then you get to have her home sooner playing with Becca... Or not! I would say hurry home because we miss you, but i am sure we won't cross paths for a couple of weeks. Bummer.

sgtsharp said...

I thought I read somewhere that the 2d child. is bigger then the 1st.Your brother David was bigger. My Ben was bigger then Sarah by about a pound.
Have fun in Austin for few more days.
Why not go digging for worms,we can't here in MN.the frost is still 3 feet deep.

sgtsharp said...

Whats an SXSW???????

Angie said...

They aren't outfits exactly, but I have a couple of packages of teeny sleep n play outfits (both genders.) I wasn't paying attention when I bought them (big time sale,) no babies under 8 lbs around here. Email me if you would like them. I understand that you may already have plenty of that type thing.