Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Freaks Come Out at Night

I turned into the biggest neurotic ball of FREAK last night when I learned there was a tornado warning for our county all night long. I know I have been through tornado warnings and watches before in Missouri and Texas and Colorado...but I have never been so convinced that my house was going to just blow down.

Maybe it is because our house is made of plastic. Maybe it is because it is up on a hill and when it is windy, we feel like the house is about to fall down--things creak and groan and slam. Maybe it is because I found out our county doesn't have a warning siren anywhere near our house. Maybe it is because I have finally gone off the deep end.

But, whatever it was, I had my flashlight and my battery operated radio by my bed. I slept with the radio ON, tuned to a local country station, all night long, just in case there was an emergency alert that I needed to hear. I don't feel quite well-rested this morning, but the sun is shining and there is no sign of the howling winds from last night, save for a few trash cans rolling around in the street. So, I guess I can just put this behind me. But, y'all. I am going to be some kooky old lady one day, living in a basement closet with a stockpile of Spam and whisky and my six filthy little dogs.


MaryB said...

It was probably the exact same storm system that made me the do the EXACT SAME THING night before last! Only, I slept with the TV on because they were actually doing severe weather updates all night. I am always worried that I wont realize the threat until too late and that I wont be able to get all 3 boys into my closet fast enough. And, I stocked my closet with blankets, pillows, water, flashlight, radio, and cell phone. Im not quite this crazy when Rich is home (but are they EVER home for the craziness??).

So, at least now you know you are not aloe in your crazy neuroticism. We're mothers - that is in the job description I think.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I fess up! Me too! Since having kids, I can't even get on an airplane without being three sheets to the wind. My neuroses are pervasive...I could go on for hours but someone would committ me. Why, oh why, didn't we get a house with a basement! HELLO, we live in Tornado Alley. Noelle

sgtsharp said...

Justine is sameway about tornado warnings since having kids. me I'm the kind looking out the window looking for the tornado or sleeping through them like I did last Sept.

Tracy said...

Okay, let your readers know it was a watch... There weren't any spotted, and that is when there is a warning. They really are rare here. I grew up on the outskirts of tornado alley. I totally feel your pain. I think I was just too tired last night to care.

Oh and the gym was without power and trees were down all over the place, so rightly so you should have been worried.

Jen said...

Glad you guys are okay! Scary stuff.

Lysandra said...

you are so weird.