Thursday, March 20, 2008

Of Course

It just wouldn't be a trip to Texas without some sort of urgent care visit, would it? Oh no. For, lo, it is impossible for me to come here without some kind of fun medical visit.

I have a lovely, lovely rash that has broken out over my entire body, from neck to toes. If I weren't pregnant, I'm sure I would just wait for it to disappear, but when I'm in charge of myself AND my fetus, I figure I should be on the safe side. Motherhood: Start your sacrificing early.

I went to the urgent care place, (while Meg graciously watched Becca) certain they would take one look at me and tell me to go home and change my laundry detergent. But, the doctor didn't dismiss me so quickly. He kept me there for 2 and a half hours while they took a variety of different blood samples and asked me ten million questions with a very puzzled look on his face. In fact, he spent a good two minutes just sitting there, sort of half-heartedly staring at my reddened arm and not moving or talking. He even called my O.B. back in Maryland to ask some questions.

Since I was feeling really poorly last Saturday through Monday, they wondered if it might be a strep rash. I just thought I was having a few bad pregnancy days. But I think I had something else. I had a bad headache, body aches and sore throat, but nothing that would have made me think it was strep. I thought I was just pregnant and tired. They also wonder if it might be Fifth Disease....a common toddler malady and normally harmless disease EXCEPT in pregnant women. Of course.

But, how could I have fifth disease and Becca NOT? I mean, it is usually kids that GET it. This doesn't make sense.

The blood tests won't come back until next week (the nurse said she has never even heard of a fifth disease blood test, but I have. HELLO! We need a prenatal urgent care center, apparently), so for the time being I'm on penicillin, in case it was strep. And, I'm left to ponder this question: Why is the Universe so against me travelling to Texas?


Andrea & Ben said...

As I was reading I was thinking - fifths disease. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Lord knows you are carrying a human and you need all the strength and wellness you can get!!

joanna said...

I'm not familiar with Fifths Disease, although I might have heard of it sometime. I hope it all ends up being nothing serious! At least they're thorough and you're familiar with the urgent care process!

Swistle said...

It does sound as if you ought to stay home.

I had the blood test for Fifth Disease when I was expecting the twins. They said sometimes kids can have it without showing the classic symptoms (like the "slapped face" look). The nice thing (or possibly not) about the blood test is it'll also show you if you're immune to Fifth Disease, like because of having it before. Most adults ARE immune to it. (The reason it's "possibly not" nice is if you're NOT immune to it, you get to panic about it more.)

Lysandra said...

I remember my fifths disease scare when they had an outbreak at the CDC and I was pregnant and they didn't notify the parents...that was really fun. Also, the universe is against your going to Texas cause you don't see me! Just kidding.

Angie said...

I hope that you are feeling better soon!

Joel and Angela said...

Katie! I think you are having a boy and the rash that you have is due to the hormone differences between you two. Seriously! BOTH of my sisters had it when they were preganant with boys and I had a neighbor who had it too. I don't know what it is called but maybe there is a medical term for it online. Not everyone gets it, but some women can.

Natalie said...

Wow. I'm a virus worrying freak. I was told I was probably going deaf when I was pregnant. This is not the stress you need! It's probably nothing. But, I'll be thinking about you none the less!