Thursday, March 27, 2008


Once again, my Internet diagnosing skills were right. I am a brilliant Internet diagnoser. Have any weird symptoms? Contact me and I will totally figure out what you have. I will even find you photos of similar rashes/infections/diseases. I am good.

I tested positive for Fifth Disease. Of course. I just KNEW it. In a way, it is good to know for sure what it was, and in another way it is freaking me out again because.....aaah. Something about a perinatologist and high-risk pregnancy and fetal anemia and AHHHHHHHHHH. NO.

So. Anyway. What's going on with you? Let's change the subject. Because over here it is raining, and our dog is on her last legs and our porch screen is all shredded and our cars need emissions testing and the lawn needs to be fertilized and mowed, and Becca has just pulled all the baby toys out of my Monica closet and strewn them across the basement and the house is filthy and it isn't even nap time yet.

But, on a funnier note, here is a conversation that John and Becca had today.

John: What does Mommy have in her belly?

Becca: A baby.

John: What does Daddy have in his belly?

Becca: Chips. And cookies.


Andrea & Ben said...

Heehee, don't daddy's always have chips and cookies in their bellies :0)

The Quinn Report said...

No freaking way, she said that!???
She is one smart cookie!!!

Glad to hear you finally got your results back and that it was what you thought it was (meaning, at least they figured out what it was, but sorry you're having to go through this).

Joel and Angela said...

Well, my guess was wrong. Oh well. But I am glad that you know what it is/was. Do you still have it?

I have looked at those Jack and Janie clothes before. LOVE that line! But have never bought anything from it. Maybe one day I will treat the kids to something nice!

BTW...Becca is so cute! I just love her little smiles!

Feener said...

so what do you have to do for the 5ths dis ? some where there is a kid who infected you !!!

joanna said...

Ugh. Aren't the bad side effects of 5ths just a small possibility? And surely with the other things you have going on you can rest assured your plate is full already? And what is a Monica closet?

Swistle said...

I'm not going to panic. Panicking would be unhelpful, and useless. SO I'M NOT PANICKING.

Tootsie, Cookie, Captain Insano, Chainsaw and Baby Octopus said...

In addition to a messy basement and a shredded porch screen, you also have the love and friendship of everyone around you. Sending hugs and kisses to my girl. xoxoxoxoxo

mom said...

I talked to an OB/GYN who said over the years women and children have had Fifth Disease and called it a heat rash. So it's probably more common for pregnant women to have Fifth than we realize. Only a small percentage of fetuses are effected. This made me feel better. Hope it relieves your mind, too.

The Peregos said...

Hi Katie! I love hearing that our houses and yards looks the same. What are we up to? Our dear friends just received a new home from the heart2home foundation (built in 9 days!), what a huge blessing for a family who has three kids with serious (in one case terminal) health problems. No matter my day being with them makes my life seem like cake.

Jen said...

Cute cute cute!

Sorry to hear about the fifths. What exactly does that mean for you? Maybe I should read some of the comments...I bet you talk about it more later.