Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Too Much Chocolate? Is That Possible?

We're home. The trip back was uneventful, except for the moment when I was trying to get the stroller, two suitcases, a carseat, two carry-ons and a toddler off the parking bus by myself. I kind of just tossed everything out the door of the bus and then fell down on the pile on my ass, stroller upturned, bus driving off, toddler asking "WHAT HAPPENED?" I wish I knew. We're slowly unpacking and getting re-settled after our "spring break." We had a wonderful time in Texas. I am so glad we went. It was rejuvenating and fun. Seeing warm spring sunshine is always a bonus--especially when you can wear sandals and sleeveless spring dresses!

John is home this week, which is awesome, considering he is up for Husband Of The Year this year. When I'm pregnant, all bets are off. The house descends into squalor. I mean, it starts to look like the "before" shots on the Oprah hoarding shows. I don't even want to know what is growing in the corner of the kitchen. Things get neglected. Children go unbathed. Smelly smells emerge from the refrigerator. And, I lay there on the couch not caring a bit. But, poor John. He seems to care a bit more than one might imagine. And, so he has been cleaning and working nonstop. Then, he takes a break to rub my feet and tell me to go upstairs and take a nap. I love that man.

Canyon is still hanging in there. She seemed almost normal for the last couple days, but today seems to be not feeling as well. I still haven't gotten the results back from my Fifth Disease blood test, but I'm no longer freaking out about it.

So, I finally got my lazy self off the couch to come down here to deal with my massive quantities of photos. Here are some from our Easter weekend. Since we didn't come back to Maryland before Easter as originally planned, I didn't bring anything for Becca to wear to church. Meg let us borrow this gorgeous set (from Janie and Jack, the world's most beautiful children's clothes). I was trying desperately to get a picture of the cuteness, but little miss THANG wasn't being very cooperative. Or ladylike.

Later, we changed into something that wouldn't be as affected by chocolate and candy, because I was tiring of hearing myself screech, "NO! Don't eat ketchup in that dress! No! No chocolate!" We had a fun Easter egg hunt with Becca and her cousins, Kate and Avery.

Can anyone see the hiding egg in the above photo? They were running back and forth missing it every time. It is a green egg.
Becca sat by her dad to eat her jelly beans until he ate one of them. Then, she pouted, bottom lip out, and moved over to sit by Papa. You do NOT want to come between this girl and her sugar.
Easter is a great holiday. I am a big fan. I love ham. I love asparagus. I love devilled eggs. I love the pretty dresses. I love the Easter lillies and trumpet music at church. I just do NOT love the volume of candy that turned my sweet little girl into some kind of non-napping FREAK. She was completely NUTS the entire day. And, I swear I spent about 12 hours of the day saying, "NO. We are not eating ANY more candy." I am still trying to hide it from her as I find myself pawing through the good chocolate, and then hiding in the corner to eat it without her seeing me. Funny, I remember my mom doing the same thing when I was a kid!


Andrea & Ben said...

Where do I start. Becca has to be one of the funniest girls. I love that she did not let you get a decent shot of the dress (though I am sure you did not). Funny! I imagine he will recieve lots of easter goodies next year. He won't be able to eat all the yummy confections yet, so I guess I will have to help :0)

bevo said...

More chocolate to come: I remember potty training the little calves. Child "goes" in the potty chair and gets 1 M&M - or maybe 2 if Mom feels generous. Mom gets 20 M&Ms.

Hook 'Em!

The Quinn Report said...

I do see the egg, but it took a minute and I had to really look for it!

Chocolate.....I'm afraid to let Salem try it in fear that she will fall in love.