Saturday, March 08, 2008


Tracy fixed my smoke detector. Hallelujah! It is amazing what can happen when you get out a ladder and actually read the small print on the damn thing. Turns out there was a battery compartment with a little labeled door. Oops. Tracy managed to jimmy it open and it stopped beeping. JUST. IN. TIME.

Canyon is on steroids and seems to be acting almost totally normal. The vet said they would help her feel better temporarily, but it isn't going to solve anything. But, it makes me feel good to see her acting better. She has been eating whatever food I give her since coming home from the vet yesterday. She has more energy and is foll lowing us from room to room. I feel very sad still, but I think the initial shock has worn off. The vet said that is his opinion closer to 75% of these tumors are malignant and there isn't anything that can be done. So, I feel confident that we are making the right choice in opting out of surgery for her. I'm intrigued by MommyK's comment about Chinese herbs. How/where do I find them?

John isn't going on another trip until about a week from now. He'll be at the guard some days, but he will be home every night for 6 nights. This is always good news for me! My days have a much better rhythm to them when I know he'll be coming home around dinner time.

Choir starts back up on Monday. I can't wait.

Jo Anne (John's mom) is coming up on Tuesday for a couple days to help us celebrate John's birthday. I told Becca that when "Gee Gee" gets here we're going to make a birthday cake for Daddy. So, every day she asks if we get to eat birthday cake. I keep saying "We have to wait for Gee Gee to get here!"

I am planning to go to Austin for a three day weekend next weekend. Suddenly, though, the flights have filled up. So I hope I can find a flight down there! Damn spring breakers ruining my travel plans.

So, we have lots to look forward to and this week will be busy (which is good for me. I like busy.) What are your weekend plans?


Angie said...

My suggestion would be to change ALL of the smoke alarm batteries. That way you don't have to wait for each one of them to start beeping. I totally understand that it can make you crazy.

I'm glad to hear that Canyon is feeling a bit better, even if it won't improve.

I am doing NOTHING this weekend, except try to keep my daughter from pushing all of my buttons. I am ready for Allen to come back from his vacation, er, tdy.

Angie said...

Oh, and I try to do the anticipation thing with Ashlyn, too. She doesn't get the concept of next week very well, or any other later date, either.

Jen said...

I'm glad Canyon is feeling better. And that your fire alarm is no longer beeping.

Weekend plans. Ugh. Painting. Cleaning. An open house tomorrow. It really isn't a weekend here. But that damned Heritage Festival is over tomorrow, so weekends should return right quick!

Yay for John being home! Enjoy!!

Also, to add to this really long comment: I'm glad I'm not the only one who calls TDYs vacations, Angie!!

Sara said...

I feel for you, with Canyon, Early december I got grave news for my chocolate lab, he had congestive heart failure and suspecious tumors on his lungs. At 13, people said he was ready to go, but at 13, meant he'd spent that much time with us, and was turely family. We lost him two days ago.

I have to tell you, it's terribly sad, but I'm also relieved. Bronson didn't have to suffer too terribly, while the last several years of his life were complicated by arthritis, and pnemonia, and so forth, he passed quietly in his sleep, for which I'm terribly grateful. I'll be thinking about you, and Canyon, I know how hard that is first hand.

Anonymous said...

No, actually you can blame the flights being full on those damn Califorians....SXSW starts this week. Glad Canyon's a little better! xxxooo Meg

MommyK said...

My H took the boy to Ski Liberty to go tubing, and I'm staying home with the girl, who has a snotty nose and a congested chest.

As for the herbs, you need to see a holistic vet to get them. After the initial consultation, they're pretty cheap, compared to conventional pharmaceuticals. If you're interested, send me an email and I'll send you the info and phone number for the doctor I work with (she's great, she takes care of my pets too).

joanna said...

I can't remember what I did over the weekend, so it must not have been too exciting. Spring Break starts this week for Julia so I think I'm in for 2 weeks of "weekend" around here!