Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yo-Yo Central

We have had some major ups and downs this week. Canyon took a turn for the worse and looked as though she needed to be put out of her misery on John's birthday. For a day and a half she wasn't moving. She wasn't eating. She wasn't drinking. She was getting sick constantly. But, we decided to just force feed her some more meds and some water and to wait a day because.....John's birthday? No. Just no. No.

We had to get out of the house. We took a fun day trip to Annapolis. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed ourselves.

We came home from our trip to find Canyon practically trotting up the steps, eating and drinking and wagging her tail. Huh? I guess the force feeding of the steroids and water did the trick. She is more stable now and able to enjoy the good parts of life--like bacon. So, we are going to be able to have her with us for a little while longer. Thank God.

We were able to eat our Steak aux Poirve and chocolate cake with a modicum of happiness in the house. John blew out his birthday candles with Canyon looking on, as she likes to do with birthday cakes. Good ol' Canyon.

Tomorrow afternoon Becca and I are going to Texas on the same flight as Jo Anne (well, assuming we can get ON the damn flight. Every. Single. Flight. into Central Texas is JAMMED FULL). We will be there for the weekend. I'm sure it will fly by way too it always does. I am sure I'll gorge myself on every morsel of Tex-Mex food in the vicinity, and I'm sure Becca will be up to her elbows in pies. It will be a welcome get-away!


Andrea & Ben said...

I hope Canyon's last days are filled with tasty bacon and tons of table scraps! I think that is how Roxy would like to go.
Happy Birthday to John! It is nice you had some company for the birthday, it is always more fun that way. Good luck in Tejas :0)

Jen said...

What awesome results from doggie meds! Good for you guys; I hope she continues to fell well.

Good luck on your flight to TX. Have fun!

The Quinn Report said...

Maybe we'll run into each other at Hula Hut. I honestly drive there once a week just to eat at that freakin' place!

Have a great weekend!

Joel and Angela said...

OH! I do hope that Canyon keeps on going! I hate that she hasn't been doing well. Happy Birthday to John!
Have fun in TX! And Where is the Hula Hut?

Susan said...

eat some queso for me!!

The Peregos said...

So glad to hear that Canyon took a turn for the better. All the best in your travels this weekend!