Wednesday, April 30, 2008

14 Crazy Nights

Every night for two straight weeks I have choir rehearsals and/or concerts. FOR FOURTEEN NIGHTS IN A ROW. We are performing Orff's Carmina Burana this weekend and the following weekend is the pops concert, both with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Did you know that the BSO is the first major symphony to have a female conductor (Maestra Marin Alsop)? Isn't that awesome? I think it is. She is fabulous.

So, every night I sing for three hours with a group of 130 singers and a full orchestra--with a gong and everything! It is thrilling. Just thrilling. I am trying to slow down and enjoy every minute of it. These moments are too few and far between (except for these two weeks, of course.)

Luckily for me, John managed to get two weeks of military leave to work at the guard for an upcoming project. So, he is home every night to "father." This is certainly a new record for him. So many nights in a row of bath and bed time. I can't believe how well it worked out because I was just sure I was going to have to quit the chorus--because how likely would it be that I could find babysitters for all those nights while he was out of town? UNLIKELY, that's what.

And, last night I stumbled in, bleary eyed from a long drive up the Interstate to find the house cleaned up. Super Dad. That's him.


Lysandra said...

Awesome. Im jealous.

Natalie said...

Oh! So, great! Matt's a great sitter a few times a night. He's has some trouble getting the still-nursing Lila down. The past couple of times, he's texted me to brag that he got them both down w/o any crying! He does not clean, however. I'm jealous! Usually, I come home to him passed out on the couch with dishes in the sink and the countertop a mess! Ick!

Natalie said...

oops. Matt's a great sitter a few times a month at night (I didn't proof read).

Tracy said...

That is going to work out so much to your advantage. She will be SO much more attached to him because of this.

Jen said...

A CLEAN house?! Wha? Damn.

14 straight days? And you can't drink during any of this? Dear God, I would need help. Good luck to you.

Oh, and people were just talking about Atlas Shrugged last night at book club. I think I need to try to read that some day. After I read the last 800 pages of my 1000-page World Without End that is due back to the library on Friday.

Lost in Space said...