Friday, April 25, 2008

Backyard Explorer

Becca always looks for toads, slugs, worms and spiders
under the drainspout water catcher things.

Then she wanders over to the tulips and picks them.
Or, if she doesn't pick them she maims them.

She totally ignores the Dora ball that she just HAD to have.Tulips prior to maiming.

Is it just me, or does this tree look dead? Our landscaping skillzzz are bar none. I don't even know what to do with it. We don't own any sort of lawn equipment that would allow us to chop it down. Is that something you can do with a hammer? We do have one of those. I often wonder if we're really cut out for home ownership.

Some kind of varmint made a lovely burrow in our yard.
My first thought was, "Armadillo!"
Then I remembered I don't live in Texas anymore.

Then, we go inside and put on tiaras.


The Peregos said...

We ask ourselves if we're qualified to live in a home all the time! We have way too much yard for our abilities (and it's not alarge yard). We should probably be living in a condo!

Natalie said...

What is it with kids needing pluck or maim flowers and plants?

My girls have left their "mark" on nearly all my outdoor plants and flowers.

Tracy said...

Oh the life of a toddler, and the momma who has to survive it!

nana said...


Grandpa Jack is SO PROUD of your gardening and wildlife expertise!

Love to you!

sgtsharp said...

well atleast you guys have spring here in MN we just got another 3 inches of snow. well atleast when its this cold there are no bugs, and lawns dont need to be mowed.I do look forward to when my grass is dead and I dont have to mow it.

Lost in Space said...

Toads are great!

Andrea & Ben said...

Becca - absolutely adorable. I love that she is looking for creepy crawlies!

Tree - looks dead (aren't they supposed to retain their needles/color through the winter?)

What kind of rodent do you think that is? Sucky he decided to dig a big hole :0(

Anonymous said...

In re: the tree. Yup, it looks dead to me. If the roots are still alive, it might put out new growth at the tips and recover. If it's still brown by the end of May, a pruning shears is the tool you need (if it is a small tree) or a saw (if the trunk is bigger than an inch in diameter).

(Great) Aunt Linda