Sunday, April 20, 2008

Isn't It Too Early for Nesting?

I have some wonderful news to report. Becca is now hooked on Cinderella. And, I don't have to fast forward through anything scary....this means 76 minutes of MOMMY TIME! Oh praise the baby Jesus for that. Man.....why did I not embrace the princesses sooner? What the hell was my problem? Thank you, thank you, yard sale people who sold me Cinderella for a dollar. I would have paid you 20 if I knew how good it would be....

Today it is gray and drizzly. So during said mommy time, I decided to tackle one of the most hideous spots in our house. Our closet. I felt a little niggling of guilt for "plugging my kid in" so I could escape upstairs......but then I remembered that she DID NOT NAP yesterday and instead yelled and took her diaper off (twice) and peed all over her bed....and poof! The guilt vanished. Fast.

Back to the closet: I am so bad about putting clothes away. I just kind of toss them in there and then can't ever find anything to wear. If I wear something for an hour or two (don't ask) and it isn't really clean enough to hang back up, but it isn't dirty enough to wash, I just toss it on a shelf. Then, it gets covered and smashed and wrinkled and disorganized. Plus, now I'm tired of looking at all the wool and fleece and needed to move in some maternity wear and summer stuff. So, I dumped everything out on the floor.

Then, Becca came up to visit (it isn't ever uninterrupted mommy time, afterall) and then she went to her room and did this.

Then, she took off downstairs with some of my shoes.

While cleaning, I found my favorite James Avery earring that had been missing for months. Score! I keep going in there just to look and sigh, "I can see the floor! I can find my clothes! I don't hear Snow White in the background. Hallelujah!"


Laura said...

76 minutes would be heaven. Bo's favorite movie is Cars and he is absoultely addicted to it. No scary parts in this movie but he only likes to watch it with me (not by himself) so then we both become "plugged in" and lazy. I'll take what I can get, though. It's worth it for some good old couch time.

Nice job on the closet. How long do you think it will actually stay that way? I want to see a pic in a couple of weeks.

Swistle said...

My favorite parts:

1) Vanishing the guilt.

2) That Becca went to her room and put clothes on the floor, too. THAT LITTLE CUTIE!

The Quinn Report said...

I need your motivation. Do you happen to know where I could find it?????

sgtsharp said...

Love the before look, your place looks lived in, besides being too clean is also unhealthy.

Lysandra said...

Michael also loves Cars. It is actually pretty good. I love that he will just veg out and watch. We are actually contemplating taking him to see Wally when it comes out.

Natalie said...

I used to have to put Olivia's pj's on backwards so she couldn't take her diaper off. The smeared shit on a brand new pack and play did me in. I bought a whole bunch of zip-up PJ's and she even took her naps in them. She would yell that she didn't want to wear them. But, I never caved. To this day, she still wears PJ's during nap (not backwards anymore, however).

We have clothes issues. Just the other day I caught DH commenting to himself, "how come I'm always stepping over clothes? Does this even fit either of them anymore???"

The girls get into drawers nearly every day to play "dress up." I get so frustrated that I just shove the clothes back in. We love Downy Wrinkle Release.

It's good to see someone made progress this weekend!

The Smith's said...

praise baby jesus. (you are hilarious)

score on the earring.

you guys are too cute. love that she made her floor look like yours. Just LOVE IT!

Andrea & Ben said...

Thank god for movies! At least you aren't subjecting her to the ADD motion of today's kids shows and mind altering commercials that will make her into a beast at the grocery because she has to have it. Yay mommy time!!!

Tracy said...

Noelle, the energy, I believe that is called second trimester!

You told me that Becca's drawers were getting stuffed. She is trying to keep up your motivation!

Could you go through all my closets?

Joel and Angela said...

Never too early! I think I started right around my second trimester and haven't stopped since. Then I will reorganize what I have already organized because the first time just wasn't good enough!

Jen said...

OMG that's a lot of clothes.

thank you thank you for the idea of Cinderella! I couldn't think of a single movie for kids that wasn't scary at some point. You might have saved me and my sanity. Must. go. buy.

bevo said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

I need to tidy up a bit and clean some manure out of my barn, too.

Hook 'Em!

Susan said...

That's what my floor looks like everyday. Except there is a system: dirty clothes on the floor, clean clothes on elevated surfaces or in hampers. It works! (Mom, I promise I'll clean it before you get here...)