Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Playing with Becca

Becca: I'm Snow White.

Me: Who is Daddy?

Becca: He's the prince.

Me: Who am I?

Becca: You're a catfish.

This morning she woke up and said, "I need to put on a dress so I can get married to a prince and ride in a carriage."

GAAAAAAH. A giant chunk of my soul just died. And then I bought these babies and the teensy remaining portion of my soul shriveled up into a little charred piece of black soot.

Fake Crocs with princesses. God help us.


sgtsharp said...

Wait till they get older and you'll look back at this as being the good old days.
so who bending your arm to buy these things??

joanna said...

I was thinking wait until she declares one day that those princesses are for Babies (she'll probably have a hand on her hip when she says it) - I bet they look adorable on her and I bet her eyes light up when she puts them on!

Anonymous said...

I hope you haven't missed the ENTIRE collection of Barbie videos just waiting to instill even more wonderful values into your impressionable, young, baby girl's mind. (In Barbie's defense, it seems that a heroine always saves the day!)

AND if it makes you feel any better, Chloe is only intereted in buying cosmetics at Toys R Us, she's only two. Noelle

Cheryl said...

At least you weren't the wicked stepmother. Those shoes are....terrible.

Natalie said...

I'm a sucker for this: "Mom, I just love you so much! I'm just so excited about my new kite." (that was today over an $8 kite).

If I thought I'd get the same reaction out of those shoes, I'd probably get them too.

Liv won't watch princesses or any cartoon movies, for that matter, again. She goes through stages. This time it was a cartoon bear on one of the movies that scared her shitless. She's back to watching home videos - I can't stand to hear myself talk on them anymore! anymore! Note to self: record video, but don't talk. Your voice is annoying and no one wants you ruining a good video.

Tracy said...

A Catfish? There aren't any catfish in princess movies. WHere did that come from? Oh and I am officially welcoming you as a mom of a princess. As long as you don't buy the shirts that say princess, you can deny this hole stage.
oh and in your defense, didn't you buy those to play in the mud and rain and all the dirty stuff?

bevo said...

Maybe you are Queen Catfish.

The Peregos said...

Becca is beautiful, lovely, charming...sounds very much my own 2 year old going on 15. Enjoy!

Lysandra said...

Sorry still haven't stopped laughing that you are Catfish...are you sure she didn't say carriage?

Jen said...

Tim's mom just bought us those same exact shoes! And Kate doesn't want to wear anything else!

A catfish. SO funny.

Susan said...

I have never seen a more hideous pair of shoes in my life. Those are even worse than the croc combat boots and the croc flip-flop heels.