Monday, May 12, 2008

Going Green Smells Like Ass

Results of the all-natural skin care test:

Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser: Smells like some kind of chemical flooring cleaner ass. Doesn't feel like it washes off, which is weird, but probably great for people like me with dry skin. My skin doesn't feel tight after using it. (And my skin feels tight after just using water.) So, this is probably good for me. Still feels weird and smells weird, but I'm going to stick with it for now.

Burt's Bees Natural Chemical Free Sunscreen with hemp seed oil: Smells like complete ass. Plus it is thick and pasty. Thick, pasty ass. Disgusting.

Burt's Bees Carrot Day Creme: ASS ASS ASS. I want to gag after I apply it. Maybe it is because I am pregnant. But the sight of it almost makes me barf. It is pukey orange yellow and thick. But, then I read the ingredient list and really want to use it. It is practically edible. I may have to try another facial cream soon, though, because the ASS smell is just too overpowering.
Burt's Bees, Baby Bees Bubble Bath and Shampoo & Wash: GREAT. Wonderful. Smells delicious and baby-licious. And is pthalate free.
Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig: LOVE. Love. Love. Love.

Apricot Kernel Oil: Not scented, quite slimy. Does make skin feel good. This is all I put on last night after washing my face...just oil. It felt kind of weird to me. But, this morning John said my face felt really soft. So far it hasn't made me break out. I have very dry skin and I think using pure oils might be really good for it. I've been using it after the shower all over in place of lotion. It still feels weird to slather on oil instead of lotion, but I'm going to try it for a while.

Eco Harvest tea tree oil lip balm: Ew. Just nas-TAY. Completely disgusting. Tastes like some kind of industrial chemical. Industrial chemical ass.

Bottom Line:
Some good, some bad. Will continue the search. If you have any favorite natural/safe/healthy skincare products, by all means, TELL ME ABOUT THEM!


Feener said...

got nothing for you, but i am sure glad i now know not to use it and smell like ass !!

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joanna said...

I could type it in Google myself, but what's bad about having pthalates? Or what are pthalates? And I started to say maybe you could add some essential oil to the bad smelling stuff to make it smell better, but that might change what it does to your skin, huh. Any chance after the baby comes your nose will think the ass smells good?

The Quinn Report said...

I wish I had ideas, but I use all the bad shit that isn't good for you. I basically fry my face every day using Proactive.

Cheryl said...

The smell thing could be pregnancy hormones. I got rid of a brand new jar of Philosophy face cream that didn't smell right before. But After? Oh LORDY! Kept trying to use it because that stuff wasn't free but was then putting mentholatum under my nose. Can you say crazy? Gave it to my cousin. Still want to go smell it now and see what I think. Might go try those baby products though and the fig lip balm. Let us know more about your samplings!

Tracy said...

Oh I smelled/touched that face cream. I thought it was weird and didn't smell good from the first time I saw it. The consistancy is just too weird and I am not even pregnant. At least you are trying right?

Renee checked on those metal water bottles. 20 bucks each. A little steep on my end. They have kid ones for 17. I think that is totally expensive, but at the same time is #5 bottles going to prove harmful soon???

MommyK said...

I don't have any personal recommendations. But you might want to check out this website: It lists all sorts of health and beauty products and rates them according to what chemicals in them will give you cancer or asthma or other stuff. Unofrtunately, every freaking brand we use is on the damn surf with caution.

The Smith's said...

Here are a few I use and love:
california baby (baby shampoo)
aveda (my hair products, make-up, etc)
arbonne (face, body, etc.)
babyganics (cleaning supplies)
seventh generation (our laundry detergent- also has diapers, wipes, etc.)

None smell. Especially the california baby. I LOVE it! I but in bulk online to help with the price...( or

Happy late birthday!!!!!!!!!!

ash said...

I love California Baby Sunscreen. I also like Cosmedix and Dermalogica face products (not sure if they are completely organic though). Aveda has good skin care products, and I love their Outer Peace Acne Pads. :) I use some BB products (including the lip balm) but I can no longer use the eye creme because it leaves a red rash under each eye. Pretty.

Andrea & Ben said...

I love the Burt's Bees carrot hand cream and lip balm!
Ellen just did a show about baby, here is the link:
Do you have trader Joe's? I love their hair care and lotions but they tell me they do not plan on making baby products anytime soon. Also, did you see Method came out with a baby line? There is a link on Ellen's site.
My college roommmate swears by Witch Hazel and has used it as long as I have known her, here is a link to the type she uses:

Tracy - Camelback and Nalgene just changed the formula of their bottles. Camelbacks are on the shelf, nalgene hasn't made it yet. I bought a Sigg and wish I would have looked for the camelback instead. The sigg are kind of a PITA to drink out of.

Natalie said...

Arbonne just took parabens out of their products. A friend sells them and I may make the switch when I run out of the Avalon products I just bought (seem good so far).

I love the CA Baby sunscreen. It doesn't sting our eyes like the others. It's super expensive so I use it on our face and a paraben-free spray on their arms an legs. Not sure about pthalates though. It does smell a little bug-spray like to me. But, some would call it herb smelling.

I also use CA Baby for the kids hair. Good stuff.

Sometimes you can find SIGG or Klean Kanteen on Ebay cheaper. I saw a ton of people using SIGG's in Germany and Austria. But, as I've mentioned before, they are a bit of a pain to clean and dent easily if dropped. I do like how light weight they are. The staff at Edelweiss all had CamelBack bottles. Great to see CamelBack made the switch to BPA-Free.

Erin said...

I have never had much positive to say about Burt's Bees crap. I think it's mostly crap. Their lip balms makes my lips instantly shrivel up like I kissed the f--cking SUN. What the hell?

I have started sometimes using just plain baby oil (mineral oil) for moisterizer. It's uber CHEAP (bonus!). I don't know if mineral oil counts as Green, but that's my only real tip.

Oh, wait! I have one more. I bought a UVA/UVB protective, long-sleeve shirt this year. It's made of a wicking material, so it's good even if you'll be at the pool. It'll be even better than sun screen because (a) no sticky mess, and (b) won't lose effectiveness after an hour.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried The Body Shop at Home products? Great Community Trade ingredients and yummy (but subdued) scents.

Mealaluca or Shaklee have good products too. I like Planet dish soap and the new Clorox Greenworks cleaners.

lisa said...

Hi, Im new (sort of). I've been reading for awhile and have never commented. After my son was born (he's almost 3) I got on the natural/organic bandwagon. And now that Im pregnant again Im feeling particularly anal this time around. Unfortunately just because its 'organic' doesn't mean its always a safer product to use. I use this website a lot:

You can search just about any product and they rate it on a scale of 1-10. California Baby's products are ranked really well. But Im always surprised to see something like the Coppertone Baby sunscreen I use is pretty much toxic. Who would have thought?

I really like Alba Organics. The Jasmine and Vitamin E face lotion is outstanding and smells like you just walked out of a spa. :) (and if you go to their website you can often print out coupons).

Tootsie, Cookie, Captain Insano, Chainsaw and Baby Octopus said...

LOL. You're hysterical.

sgtsharp said...

ass as in farm or the other kind.

Jen said...

Funny, you are the second person today who wrote that BB's products stank. Hmph. I think I'll pass.