Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Non Drunken Buffoonery and a Plethora of Pink

What did you do for Memorial Day? I walked through our neighbors screen door. Like, I punched through it. And I wasn't even drinking. Sad sad sad. Unfortunately, these neighbors are kind of fussypantsy and I am sure they are freaking out, even though I said I would pay to have it fixed.

They had just turned the grill on outside and as I was approaching the door I had a brief thought of "Wow it looks smoky out there" and then WHAM! My knee went through the screen up to my thigh and my face smashed into it. I spent the rest of the evening silently freaking out and being embarrassed and apologizing and then telling myself to stop bringing it up and then freaking out about it some more. I wonder if they'll ever invite me back.

Earlier in the day I went to the airport to pick up John and Becca. John is now an official member of the "travels alone with toddler" club. I was so impressed that he did it and seemed so calm about it. He even had to deal with the inevitable dirty diaper mid-flight. Although, I don't think he is quite a full, voting member because she SLEPT for half the flight. She never, ever, ever, ever, EVERRRRRRR sleeps for me on airplanes, even when it is her nap time. Only later did I discover that he had given her Benadryl, thinking it was cold medicine.

I was so excited to see Becca. When I drove up to the pick up lane at the airport she looked so tall and so grown up standing there. It had been a WEEK since I'd last seen her. That is the longest we have been apart in her whole life. She was in Texas having a whee of a time at Becca Summer Camp 2008. Jo Anne and Jim took her to the Children's Museum, Sea World (they are better people than me, because you can bet I would have avoided that like the plague--the heat! The lines! The ass pain! Ack!), and playgrounds. She "swam" in their pool and was showered with masses of new frilly pink stuff. When I opened her suitcase it positively exploded in a pile of pink tulle and ribbon. She was pampered and played with and the center of attention. I have a feeling Jim and Jo Anne haven't gotten out of bed since she left. We are so, so lucky that Becca has such wonderful grandparents who will actually watch her without her parents around. That is the best thing EVER.

At the snake farm with my dad
(Note the Fifth Disease rash on her cheeks!)

Sliding in the Texas heat

At Sea World with one of the "Yearning for Zion" Sect children

Being a pilot at the Children's Museum with Jo Anne and Jim

Also the best thing ever....getting time at home by yourself. If you are ever wondering how to totally help out a mom? Just take her children out for a while and leave her at home by herself. That is something so simple, yet so wonderful. When John went to Texas to retrieve Becca, I had a day and a half to just do WHATEVER I WANTED! It was heaven. I was torn between wanting to get stuff done that I normally can't, and wanting to just lounge around in bed eating Golden Grahams and reading. I did some of both. Okay, maybe a lot more lounging around than anything. It was bliss.

Now I have to go put the sheets in the washer. I should get those crumbs off of them.


Natalie said...

Grandparents are the BEST!!! Wish we lived closer. I'd love to pick up the phone and say, "Hey, drowning in all the whine. Can you come pick up the kids for the day?"

Feener said...

wow, you need some good luck. sounds like you had some and were able to enjoy YOUR time. good for you. i have another giveaway that would be perfect for the new arrival

Joel and Angela said...

I love Becca's blonde hair! And yes, it is nice to be home alone isn't it. i also don't think it is fair when daddys seem to not have any trouble with the kids on outings or flights. Joel traveled alone with Katheryn once and was rubbing it in how easy it was. That was a LONG time ago.

Tootsie, Cookie, Captain Insano, Chainsaw and Baby Octopus said...

good for you! great for becca! my o my, she gets prettier everyday, just like her mommy.

Tracy said...

It is always a great feeling to miss your kids isn't it? it happens so rarely, it is a good feeling. My aunt went through my dads screen the same way, they made fun of her afterwards and when they visited again, they put a big X in tape over the screen. You always have to account for something to get broken when you have a party. I wouldn't worry about it.

Tracy said...

Oh and my girls LOVE the pinkalicious book.

The Quinn Report said...

Children always seem to do things for their dads that they would never do for their moms. What's up with that? They are also always more well behaved with grandparents. Why can't they just be good all the damn time?

Cheryl said...

Can I say how much I love the fact that princess explosion picture is followed by 'Becca: Snake Charmer'! And, I also have an aunt who used to be kind of famous for walking through screen doors, falling randomly. My uncle took to calling her Grace. Even though you're mortified, you always have great stories to tell. It'll be a great addition to your memoirs.

Angie said...

I would have stressed about the screen door, too, though not if it was my own house. Of course,ours has a cat size hole in it already.

Becca has fifths disease? Can you not get away from this already?

I would love to have grandparents closer, too. A few days would be good every once in a while.

sgtsharp said...

having time w/o kids is gr8. absence makes the heart grow founder. we have friends as well as own Gramma Jo to take our kids off our hands for a day or a week.and we take there kids for how ever long. Oh and Becca looks as cute as ever I like the pic of her with her snake.

Jen said...

A snake! I can't believe she is touching a snake in that picture. Brave kid!

Glad you got some time to yourself. It is a wonderful thing! And so RARE.