Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome to Slothdom

I have been doing absolutely nothing for over 5 days now. I have no become so accustomed to doing nothing that even today, when I declared "I will do something," I cannot seem to mobilize myself to move an inch. Just getting showered and dressed seems like a feat. Hell, just getting off the couch, remote control balanced on my belly, staring slack-jawed at the TV sounds like a feat.

On Wednesday, we met with the doctor for a follow up appointment on the blood transfusion. He was really pleased with how it all went, he said the baby is responding well to the new blood and that the fluid around the heart had already gone down. The blood flow rate to the brain was approaching more normal levels. We will likely have to have one more transfusion done, either this coming week or the following week. The parvovirus knocks out the baby's entire supply of red blood cells, but does not damage the baby's capacity to make new ones. And, in fact, the blood results show that the baby is already making new "fat," good looking red blood cells. But, it takes a couple weeks for the baby to produce enough to get out of the severe anemic condition. So, most "parvo" babies have to have two blood transfusions to get them through that transition time.

I told the doctor about how my abdomen hurt and I was worried something was wrong. John had been rolling his eyes at me for the past 24 hours saying he was sure it was fine (when you're married to a hypochondriac [me], that is just the standard line you have to learn to say. "I'm sure it is fine.") But I wanted to tell the doctor anyway. His response was, "Well, you just had some long needles poked through your belly. Maybe if you stop pushing on it, it will feel better." John nearly fell out of his chair laughing.

As much as I'm dreading having to have another transfusion, it was really positive news from the doctor. And, we left the office in a really good mood ready to drive out to Maryland's Eastern Shore.

We had a wonderfully relaxing vacation at the Hyatt Chesapeake Resort. It was practically deserted and John and I kept wandering around the immense complex saying, "This must be what it feels like to own your own compound/mansion." We were alone in the pool, alone in the hot tub, alone in the chairs overlooking the river, alone on the pier, alone in the ping pong room and the workout room, alone by the outdoor fireplace, and alone in the bar. It was kind of creepy in some ways (where IS everyone?), but it was mostly just downright RELAXING.
Sunrise, from our hotel window

What were we doing up at sunrise? We cannot sleep in anymore! I am so sad about it, but having an early-riser child has just totally ruined it for us. I wake up at 6:30 no matter what....I can usually go back to sleep until 7:30, and I'm happy to lay in bed until 8:00 but that is it. John often wakes up before 6:00 a.m. How did we turn into such freaks of nature?

The deserted hotel grounds

We got massages. It was sinfully decadent. We ate many a delicious meal, including Thai food, which I've been craving ever since we left Alaska. We wandered around quaint and beautiful St. Michael's. We saw the new Indiana Jones movie. We rotated around the hotel complex lazing about in different chairs reading different subject matter. We swam and lazed about in the outdoor hot tub (it wasn't even that hot...more like a warm tub, so I felt comfortable being in it while pregnant, especially in the cool outdoor air.) They have two outdoor pools, and one heated indoor pool. We basically slid into a semi-comatose state and stayed there for three days. John at least worked out. I just sat around and felt my muscles start to atrophy.

The Choptank River, as it flows into the Chesapeake

As we left on Friday, we saw the hordes descending on the place for Memorial Day weekend. It was like a completely different hotel as we were driving away--kids running around, swimming in the still frigid outdoor pool, people actually sitting around outside. I can tell they are going to be having a bustling weekend out there. Meanwhile, we are back home, and I am still semi-comatose. It is still nothing but peace and quiet for us. I have to accomplish something today. I just have to. I am going to plant my herbs that have been taking over the kitchen windowsill. But that involves dragging out a big bag of potting soil and getting all just seems like maybe I should lay on the couch and finish reading my book....


Tracy said...

Now that is a vacation. That is what I would LOVE to do on all of my vacations, but my antsy husband has to be moving constantly. I can live through your experience! I am glad you are feeling better.

bevo said...

Keep resting! Rest, rest, rest!

Natalie said...

Sounds so wonderful!!!

Tootsie, Cookie, Captain Insano, Chainsaw and Baby Octopus said...

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Just what you two needed. time, take me with you.

Jen said...

Yay for vacations! That sounds fabulous. Aaaaahh. I feel relaxed just thinking about it.

Glad to hear the baby is taking well to the transfusion. Hope the next one goes just as well, and that you hurt less next time.

The Quinn Report said...

We traveled the week before Memorial Day weekend and it was WONDERFUL! I didn't even plan on it happening that way, but from now on, that is THE only way I will travel!

Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Swistle said...

Yes. I vote for couch/book and resting the tummy.

Andrea_Ben said...

That all sounds wonderful! I am glad you had a chance to relax together and enjoy some time spent alone (even if you are missing Becca).

MaryB said...

What a divine escape! Especially the part about practically having the place to yourselves. I'm beyond impressed that you were up to see the sunrise! wow!

Go read your book. The herbs will wait.