Wednesday, June 11, 2008

9th Verse.......

Today my mom and I are going in for week 9 of Baby Watch. This is ultrasound number 11 (or something crazy like that). I can't believe I am actually getting tired of ultrasounds. They never just hold still and let me look at it. They zip all around and look at weird cross sections and only let me see the face for about two seconds and the genital area for no seconds at all! I'm hoping for a good prognosis. I've been feeling lots of movement over the last few days. I hope it is a healthy, kicking kid in there.

What is happening here:
  • My mom came back yesterday and will be staying for around 2 weeks. Since John is in Arizona for two weeks, this is just perfect. Becca and I had four days alone and I almost went crazy, especially on the day when she didn't nap well. Life is so much better with someone else in the house! I just hope my poor mom doesn't get bored. Afterall, there is only so much Cinderella one person can watch.
  • Becca is obsessed with getting married. When we put Cinderella on she says, "I want the got married part!" When I put her shoes on she says, "The glass slipper fits! I got married!"
  • The heat wave broke last night after a spectacular storm. THANK GOD. We can go outside again!
  • We are trying the potty training thing again because I enjoy torturing myself. But, my kid can hold it all day long and we aren't having much success (not many accidents either...just, like...nothing is happening!) I am so tired of having to be on high alert at all times to make sure she doesn't pee on the floor, only to have NOTHING happen for hours and hours. This kid just doesn't really like to drink much. Weirdo.
  • I skipped choir practice on Monday because I couldn't get a babysitter. The concerts are next week, and I've only rehearsed the music once and never sung it before. I guess I'll be lip syncing a bit.
  • I could get a babysitter for Friday night, so Mom and I will go see Sex and the City. I can tell you we won't be emerging from a limo wearing stilettos. In fact, I will likely be wearing pajama bottoms, as I try to heave myself out of my broken-bumpered Honda Civic.


Andrea & Ben said...

Hope all goes well with the ultrasound. I cannot imagine getting sick of them, but I have not had 11. Fingers crossed all is well.
Go see Sex and the City. It was remniscent of the earlier seasons which were always a little more graphic :0)

molly said...

Good luck with the ultrasound! I'm so glad to hear that the baby is moving - terrific news.

As for potty training: try giving Becca a lot of salty snacks throughout the day so she'll drink more. It may be worth a shot.

Tracy said...

Daggom, now I have that silly Henry song stuck in my head.

Natalie said...

I had quite a few ultrasounds with Lila (minor complication) and she always FREAKED out. I mean, could not stop moving for HOURS afterwards. I always felt so sea sick b/c she was, obviously, so upset by them. If I ever have complications again and require ultrasounds, I'm having the ultrasound machine volume turned off like they do in Holland so the baby gets disturbed less. They were cool to see at first, but the novelty wore off, as you know. Then again, I found out the sex right away (by 16-wks) so, maybe not knowing the sex would make them more fun!

I never watched the Sex in the City series. I mean never. But, I still loved the movie. Wonderful. You'll enjoy it. Have fun.

joanna said...

I think the fact that Becca can stay dry for so long means she has some control... which is a good sign she might be ready (on her own terms and timing most likely, but surely it won't be far off!)