Monday, June 23, 2008

Feast or Famine-- Current Status: Feast

It seems that weeks go by when things are kind of hum-drum. Becca and I fall into a routine and wish for something fun to happen. She wakes me in the morning and I sort of sigh with resignation and get out of bed thinking, "How are we going to fill all these hours today?" Then, we get lucky and have a week like we've had recently.

My dad, uncle, and aunt have come and gone, my mom is still here and my sister just arrived last night. John has returned from his 2-week "deployment" in Tucson. I went to choir every night for 5 nights. Becca got potty trained. We had two birthday parties for 3-year olds to attend. We celebrated my uncle's birthday and belated Father's Day for my dad and John. We went to Ft. McHenry, the Farmer's Market, and a local dairy farm. Becca and Grandpa Jack made a peach pie. We got take-out steamed crabs. It has been wonderful! I am completely and totally spoiled.

I dread it when my mom and Susan leave, and John goes off on a trip. Things will be way too quiet around here, and after all the action, I will be in shock. I will have to, like, parent or something annyoingly responsible like that. Or do dishes. Or mop the floor. Or weed my flower bed. Or do all the things I totally haven't been doing for a couple weeks, as I have made my house guests do them (mwah haaa ha haaaaa). Come visit us! It is only kind of like boot camp! Here are some of the highlights.

Uncle Phil's Birthday Dinner

Aunt Linda weeded my entire flower bed out front and planted new flowers
(while I took a nap). Seriously. She did.

Introducing the first place winner in the contest
for World's Most Awkward Photo
(and also Pregnancy Face):

25 Weeks Bulbous:

And, here is Snow White, "asleep" in her "glass case."


Lysandra said...

I knew if you were leaving comments you must have update! I love the photos. You look fab-u-lous as usual! I love the picture with Becca in her glass case. Adorable!

Tracy said...

Man you have been busy. We are so happy you were able to come to Cait's three year old party. YOu look great. I guess with everything that is been happening with Baby #2, it seems like you should be further along than 25 weeks. You don't look 25 weeks pregnant!

MommyK said...

You look great! Not bulbous at all.

Natalie said...

There is NOTHING like family visiting when you are pregnant, have a toddler or have a newborn and toddler. I "made" my family do everything for me too. I'm so glad to read you are getting spoiled. Life is so grand when it's all about YOU for occasional slices of time.

The Quinn Report said...

It ALL looks like fun, fun, fun! I'm jealous! My Mom came and left, and I didn't even get one picture of her while she was visiting; you're always so good about that!

Joel and Angela said...

I would come, but I would have 4 rugrats tagging about noise! Isn't it nice to have help?

Angie said...

How great to have help. You look great!

How funny that our girls get something totally different from the same movies. Ashlyn could care less about the prince (in any movie) or getting married. She's all about the dresses!

Andrea & Ben said...

Fun! I cannot believe how much family you have that comes to visit. Mine lives 2 hours away and my own sister isn't coming to my shower....witch. You are so lucky!!!
I really cannot believe how much of a real person Becca is, with her own ideas and likes. Wild!!! She is so adorable - and photogenic :0)

Jen said...

Seriously, is she really potty trained already?! NOT FAIR! HOW HOW HOW did you do it? Oh, and your week sounds devine! AND, you look fabulous!