Monday, June 02, 2008

Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good:
  • It is BEAUTIFUL weather. I cannot get outside enough! I'm feeling really good. Not achy or tired or very pregnant. In fact, I would rather sit outside than nap. I know. I know.
  • We finally joined the local gym and it has a huge outdoor pool complex with kiddie pools and a splash pad. I plan to be there every day I possibly can. In fact, for the past two days I have wished Becca would take a shorter nap, so we could get there sooner. Oh, I know.
  • My mom is in town this week! And she is officially RETIRED now! HOOOORAY!
  • It isn't too hot or humid yet. We still have all the windows open in the house. I love the fresh air blowing through all day. Although, I am sick of it blowing the newspaper all over the kitchen.
  • I finished one nesting project. Check back in a week and I'm sure it will be crap-covered again. But today? Today it looks good.

The Bad (Or, maybe I should just say The Worry):

  • Another possible transfusion this week. We'll know more on Wednesday. Last week they said the baby was really looking much better--the fluid around the heart and scalp and liver were all but gone. The baby reacted really well to the first tranfusion and is producing its own red blood cells. We just need to do transfusions until it is producing enough of its own to be operational (hopefully only one more). Also, the amnio results show no chromosonal defects. So, really this should be filed under good.
The Ugly:

  • I'm trying to grow my first ever tomato plant. It is growing like a weed, but I just have this feeling it isn't ever going to produce anything. It probably needs a bigger pot. How big to tomato plants get? (The geraniums and nasturtiums were bought at the farmer's market. THEY are not ugly. At least not yet. Give me a few weeks.)

  • These are the herbs that Becca and I grew from seeds in our windowsill! They are looking sickly.

  • I got a yard sale sandbox for $2, sun-faded and plastic. John is horrified. The neighbors are surely horrified. Becca and I are thrilled. And, hey! It is a Maryland Crab. I mean, this is pretty classy for us. Becca now can dig in clean sand, instead of trying to scrabble some dirt scraps from the dirt patch in the backyard.

I love summer! I love plastic crap!


joanna said...

Your tomato plant looks good! They can get pretty big (and need a stake and to be gently tied up to it.) I think you shouldn't get a tomato for awhile being in Maryland, but you might be able to see buds?

Where did you put the stuff from your kitchen desK??

Natalie said...

1) Know nothing about plants. Our dog ate the tulip bulbs our gardner planted for me (he comes with the rent we pay on the house).
2)I hope all goes well on Wednesday.
3)Whatever keeps the child busy and stimulates creativity is good. Who cares what it looks like! Have fun, Becca!

Jen said...

Your kitchen desk looks great! And yay for a gym membership!

Best of luck if you need another transfusion. The first one worked so well that the second one is sure to be enough to make the baby entirely healthy and able to do everything on his or her own!

sgtsharp said...

Nesting? Justine never nested.
Ya where did ya put the kithen stuff? in the sand box? Tomatoes and other plants I didnt get that gene(jean) Our prayer are with you on Weds.

The Quinn Report said...

I'm jealous of all the bargains you find! I need to get my butt out of bed early this Saturday and go find myself some treasures! I'll share if I have as much luck as you do :)

Angie said...

Summer is AWESOME! The gym and pools sound great. We've never been to a splash pad, but they sound great.

Laura said...

I am 100% envious of your sandbox. I drove all over this freakin town this weekend looking for one (WalMart, Sam's, Toy Quest, both Fred Meyer's, Lowe's, Home Depot) and apparently there are NONE!!! I guess I'm going to have to get lucky at a garage sale like you but that requires even more hunting. Can't we just live in a normal town with normal stores?!? Be glad you are in civilization.

Tracy said...

The kitchen looks great. It is amazing what company can motivate you to do isn't it? I would love to have company more often just so my house gets cleaned more often. If you still have the nesting urge, I have a lot you can nest with over here!

Erin said...

I really hope everything goes well tomorrow. Lots of hopeful thoughts coming your way!

On the tomato plant, you probably don't need a bigger pot, you just need to stake it or cage it (like joanna said). I used to work in a veggie greenhouse before my current job. Tomato plants have shallow roots for how big they get, so a bigger pot probably won't help you much. Around here, first tomatoes usually show up early to mid July. Some are determinant and some are indeterminant, meaning they all come at once, or they have continuous fruits for a period of time. Wow this just got hopelessly boring. SORRY.

The Smith's said...

Fun fun. Can I go to the splash thingy? It has been rainy here today, yuck. I want the sun back! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Love the sandbox. I also had a yard sale score this weekend. I paid $2 for a tent and tunnel for Wilson.It rocks!! Chris even said it was a good buy, and he is usually NOT a fan of all the "crap" I buy for Wilson.