Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ode to Not Cooking, Being Busy and The Potty

Ahhhh....the lazy days of summer.....when you just kind of loll about in the sun, fanning yourself and drinking lemonade, not doing much. Or, running about the state trying to find cool new things to do, ditching your child with various babysitters for most of the day while traipsing around folksy urban neighborhoods with your mom, shopping for useless crap and gorging yourself on hamburgers and dark chocolate ice cream cones as big as your head and trying to see how many days you can go without cooking (answer: indefinitely).

Last night I had a microwaved baked potato for dinner and mom had microwaved leftover pizza. We aren't exactly models of healthy eating around here. Having a low maintenance houseguest is pretty awesome though. I'll start getting out stuff to cook and she'll yell, "NO!!!! Can't you find something easier? Isn't there a frozen pizza in there?!"

Tonight my choir "hell week" returns. I have choir practice tonight and then concerts every night through Sunday of Beethoven's 9th. And, ummm....I still haven't sung the entire thing through yet. My aunt and uncle are coming in tonight, my dad comes in tomorrow (right after my weekly ultrasound), and then John returns for a few short hours Friday night around the time my mom and dad leave with me for the concert that night.

Oh, and guess what? Becca is using the potty now! It suddenly just clicked and I already find myself saying, "That wasn't so bad! Potty training isn't that hard." How quickly I forget. We even made a trip to Toys R Us last night for her to choose one toy for having a big success on the potty. She totally understood she could only get one thing. She would pick up something (an Ariel doll) and say she wanted that. Then, she would spy something else, fling the Ariel doll at us and say "Put that back! I want THIS," while clutching a Sleeping Beauty dress-up dress to herself. She did that for about 30 minutes, dropping one thing and picking up another. She ended up with a total piece of crap princess art set, which came broken and with one of the markers already dried up.

Summary: Been having fun. Been having some parenting successes (don't jinx it, don't jinx it, don't jinx it), and life is about to get a little crazy for the next few days. Bring it on, Beethoven. You don't scare me.


Natalie said...

OH, she's GOOD! She listens to you when you say, "only one thing."

This would be me as Olivia handed me item number two: "I said one thing. Which one do you want?"

Oliiva: "I know you said one thing. But, I want both of them. So, I'm getting two. I will share with Lila so it's okay."

Oh, I wish had an easy child! What am I doing wrong?!

My stomach is growling after reading this post! I want homemade chocolate chips cookies and homemade bread, fresh out of the oven and loaded on top with fresh butter. But, I'm trying to lose baby fat and I just have to refrain! Why was a born to love cooking and eating all that I make in one day? Someone give me some self-control!

Tracy said...

sounds like heaven

bevo said...

You got it! I'm in heaven!

MommyK said...

There's nothing wrong with a baked potato for dinner. Excellent source of potassium! And the microwave didn't heat up the house, right?

Jen said...

The potty? The potty?! No fair! Good for you. I don't know how you have done it, but congratulations! I hope it all continues to go well.

And have fun singing! I hope you feel good throughout the events - I imagine that is a lot of stress!

The Quinn Report said...

Good luck with the concert! I'm sure you'll do wonderful!

Andrea & Ben said...
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Andrea & Ben said...

Not cooking sounds divine (it seems to be the only way, however, to justify not working much for me these days).
I am sure the concerts will go swimmingly, keep us posted!

I spelled divine wrong before so I deleted it - I can't wait to get my brain back to myself.

Joel and Angela said...

Tell your mom she can come be my guest and I will make her some easy mac-n-cheese. How nice to have a guest that wants microwaved food!
Congrats on the potty!!! Luke is still toying with the idea. One of these days I guess he will get it!

Laura said...

Way to go Becca! Master of the potty.