Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can't Focus Must Pack

It is that time again. Time for me to saddle up, load up the troops and spend three days obsessing about packing a suitcase. Time for Travel Freak Out Katie (sort of like Jet Set Barbie minus the smokin' hot body, unwrinkled clothing and stilettos, and with the added bonus of anxiety dreams about suitcases. By Mattel.)

We are heading down to South Carolina to go to the beach with John's dad, Jane and the whole crew. Becca and I leave tomorrow. And here is the kicker: we're flying standby on ANOTHER AIRLINE. An airline with assigned seats. Which means that IF we get on the flight we will both likely be assigned middle seats.

Now picture this: A seven months pregnant lady dragging her toddler and four carry-ons (because God help me if I'm going to spend $40 to check two bags--that is $80 round trip!) down the aisle to the back of the plane and then plopping her two-year old in the middle between two strangers. Twice. We have a layover. Maybe they will assign Becca row 5, and I'll be in row 35.

Hey. This might turn out to be the best airline trip EVER. I could, like, nap in the quiet comfort of two strangers while someone else has to figure out how to change a poopy pull-up. I think I'll just toss her in the seat with a diaper bag and run to the back of the plane cackling. Why didn't I think of travelling this way before?

So, I have to go now because I have to obsess over how to pack enough for ten days and two (point five) people in one suitcase (while keeping it under 50 pounds--and do you know how much seven bottles of sunscreen weigh?) and how to pack my carry-on to maximize the space, minimize the weight and somehow contain volumes of new toys, sugar-laden "airplane" treats and baby wipes. I also need to obsess over how much my feet and ankles are going to swell on the plane.

Gotta run and try on all five of my currently ill-fitting maternity outfits and see which ones are now letting my belly protrude out the bottom and determine which hideous ensembles I should leave behind. I'll catch you on the other side, likely sunburnt and swollen, but hopefully relaxed.


Tracy said...

You so funny! Have fun. I hope you have good weather.

joanna said...

All of that is why I would drive. Maybe it's my underlying control issues, too. No matter how you get there the beach sounds wonderful!

Angie said...

Someone will probably be HAPPY to trade with you, once they see your small child. If not, I guess they'll deal with her.

The trip sounds great. I would like to lie on a beach for a week or so.

MaryB said...

We always rive to the beach. the beach just requires too much STUFF.

Also, buy sunscreen, shampoo, cond, etc when you get there. its too heavy and takes up too much room, and im gonna bet that you're going to a grocery store anyways. We've been doing the 2 week beach vacation for 7 years now. I think I've FINALLY gotten it down to a science. i could pack us all up for the beach in my sleep. But, anywhere else and i'm having nightmares about suitcasess just like you!

The Quinn Report said...

Hey, it will ALL work out and be well worth the trip when it's all said and done! Enjoy yourselves!

Jen said...

"(sort of like Jet Set Barbie minus the smokin' hot body, unwrinkled clothing and stilettos, and with the added bonus of anxiety dreams about suitcases. By Mattel.)" OMG. You are hysterical! I laughed outloud at this whole post!

I hope it all goes well and you have fun. =)