Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Crap With No Home

Unfortunately, the cleaning out/up of one room, ALWAYS results in another formerly clean room looking like this. Those are purses and photo albums covering the bed. The other portion of the purse stash is on the floor on the other side of the bed. It looks much worse in person, but I couldn't get a wide enough angle to show you that all the floor surface out to the left is completely piled with crap. Crap that came out of Becca's new room and crap that now HAS NO HOME. Where am I going to put all this crap? I need an addition built on to my house--an addition to hold nothing but suitcases and purses and tote bags and photo albums. Is that so wrong?

And suddenly I have no energy to deal with it. The nesting is coming to a screeching halt. I am officially in my third trimester now and I swear it isn't mental, but overnight things got more difficult. It is hard to bend down, it is impossible to shave my legs normally, and my back, hips, butt ache when I do much more than lay down. And, actually, they ache even when I lay down. It isn't unbearable (yet), but I can tell that it is quickly getting more difficult to do things. And that pisses me off. Especially when I have a guest room completely full of CRAP WITH NO HOME. Maybe the nursery would look cute with a giant teetering tower of photo albums in one corner.

Becca did well in her new bed. She would have slept through the night, except for a major coughing fit that brought out FREAK MOM. I went in there with the thermometer, a drink of water and some cough medicine and totally woke her all the way up to get her to take the medicine. She was grumpy and crabby about that, but did finally (after an HOUR of coughing and crying intermittently) manage to go back to sleep. She didn't get out of her bed until after the second time we told her it was too early to get up (it was before 7 a.m.) I am not sure how to deal with the early hours when we used to just turn on her light and dump a pile of books in her crib. She would entertain herself for another 30 minutes. I guess we don't have that luxury anymore! Shit.
And, now I think she has pink eye in BOTH eyes. But the nurse said it is likely viral and just has to run its course. But, it looks like I punched her in the eye or something and I'm scared to take her out in public!

Baby #2 is doing fairly well. Actually, it is doing very well except for the heart still being "thickened," which means it is like a muscle that was been "bulked up." No one will tell me with any specificity how long it takes for bulked up muscles to return to normal size. They say the heart is functioning normally, which is good. But I still feel a little nervous. All the other symptoms of anemia have resolved themselves and I don't have to back for an ultrasound again for two weeks. Woot.


Tracy said...

This has been 26 weeks of crazy change for you and your family. pregnancy, potty training, fifths disease, 3 times (you, becca, baby) MANY doctors, signing becca up for school, two full trimesters and starting another, bedroom changes, paint colors, many curtain rods, a crazy smoke alarm, a couple of trips to the ER, three fire trucks at your house. Girl, your life is busy, sit back relax and enjoy the couch. You SOOOOOO deserve it!

Lysandra said...

I am glad baby #2 is a fighter! Tracy is right, be lazy, like me!

Andrea & Ben said...

Whooo. You wear me out just by reading your blog. I get worn out looking at the purse collection. Again - what exactly is this nesting you write of??

Natalie said...

My girls have had pink eye three times. Each time, it was viral. I think, any time they have a cold and get pink eye, I'm going to assume it's viral. All three times, I started them on an Rx, fought with them to get it in and it did nothing. It actually got remarkably better when I stopped the stupid meds after a couple days. A friend of mine recently told me how to tell if it's viral or bacterial and I forgot what she said.

Good to hear about baby number two! I'm with Tracy too. Relax now.

The Quinn Report said...

Take it one room at a time and relax in between doing them. PUT YOUR FEET UP!

Joel and Angela said...

It will be over before you know it! I can't believe I was pregnant 5 weeks ago! And by the way, I love the color in the guest room and Becca's room. And I love the drapes in her room too. Where did you get them?

Bevo said...

You said it, Tracy! Plus, she's had bunches of overnight company, too.

bevo said...


Jen said...

Can you put all your purses in your luggage? That's what I do with my suitcases - fill 'em up with crap that I never seem to use.

Wow, Tracy just summed up a whole bunch of stuff that I would have thought happened to you over the past YEAR, or longer. You have been busy! Enjoy some down time!

sgtsharp said...

I'm also glad #2 baby is doing better. I also like seeing your house looking lived in.

Angie said...

Does Becca have a clock in her room? We put a digital clock by Ashlyn's bed, and she is not allowed to get up before 6,(unless she has to pee, and then she is supposed to go back to bed.) We are total sticklers, too. 5:58 is not 6! She doesn't know the difference is 5:02 and 5:58. We've just taught her to read the first number.

And, you have months yet to get ready for that baby. Plenty of time, though I can relate to the freak-outs, especially if your husband doesn't join you in thinking that there is a rush to get things ready.

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