Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pine City

Our next stop was Pine City....a small town where my dad spent a good portion of his childhood and where his parents still live. Here are Great Grandpa Jack and Great Grandma SueThey also had a big house right on a lake. When I was little I thought everyone's grandparents lived right on or by lakes. We had great times as kids fishing, canoeing and swimming there! My grandmother is a wonderful watercolor artist and here is a photograph (slightly skewed at an angle) that she painted of me, my brother and dad fishing in a canoe back in the day.

My dad took Susan out one morning on the St. Croix river and Becca and I went along to see them off. Behold the fishermen...mighty are their preparations.They weren't gone for long when we got a phone call saying they were coming home with two fish and a new earring.

After 55+ years of fly fishing my dad finally hooked himself. That is a long dangly fly with a feather and a sparkly gold thing on it. It was at least 2 to 3 inches long! He looked rather good as a pirate, actually. And Susan said she tried to pull the hook out (with the fully buried barb) because dad had just approached his favorite fishing hole and didn't want to stop fishing yet. But, he ended up in the clinic getting a tetanus shot instead. Definitely a Griswold fishing moment.

Becca LOVES holding dead fish. She's part Griswold, that's why.

Aunt Justine and Uncle Jim

4 Generations


Lysandra said...

You could never get Michael to hold a dead fish. He would rather take a nap. I lovethe generation cracks me up to think one day I will be the old lady in the picture.

Susan said...

I thought Dad looked like Crocodile Dundee with his fishhook earing.

Tracy said...

Becca cracks me up. She is afaid of caged far away zoo animals, but will grab a dead fish..

Natalie said...

Love the watercolor. And, yeah, Becca is funny with the dead fish.

Dad said...

And I caught a big one at that hole 3 days later!

sgtsharp said...

How about some deer hunting photos
I'm a proud member of PETA people eating tasty animals

The Quinn Report said...


#1 OMG---Your dad hooked himself!
#2 OMG---I can't believe your grandparents are looking that good! ALL of my grandmothers/grandfathers passed away when I was VERY young (grade school), so I never knew what it was like to have them in my life. I'm sure you're very grateful!
#3 OMG--Becca holding the dead fish!
#4 OMG--All the generations there together--AWESOME!

Andrea and Ben said...

I don;t know what I like more about this post, your sweet grandparents, your dad with a hook in his neck, or Becca holding a dead fish. It is a toss up.

Lost in Space said...

Danger Will Robinson