Friday, September 12, 2008


Rebecca is currently sitting at my feet talking NON STOP. I don't even think she is stopping to breathe. My ears are about to fall off. She is in heaven having a dog in the house (we are dogsitting for Tracy) and is chasing her around the house bossing her around. I guess she is getting ready to be a big, bossy sister, just like her mama was/is. It is making me feel slightly guilty about not having a pet for her right now. But, then I remember that she is getting something even BETTER than a pet. A sibling. A sibling to take attention away from her and to fight over toys with. I'm sure she'll be just thrilled.

(OH MY GOD. She will not stop talking. I don't think I've ever heard so many words out of her mouth in one five minute period!)

Lately we've been crazy busy. Choir, preschool, doctor appointments, planting mums, social engagements, trying to complete my mile-long to-do list. It has all been fun (well, mostly) but I am worn out. Yet, once I start operating at such an elevated level, I can't stop very well. I lay awake at night thinking about everything, like our induction/birth discussions and like how we have NO BABY NAMES picked out yet. Then, I can't sleep and get all wired and the cycle continues.

[Tangent alert! Seriously, we are at square one for names. We both only like about two names and the other person hates those names. We're screwed. I will suggest a name, like, say "Sophie" and John will say, "It sounds like sofa." And lo, it is rejected....for sounding somewhat similar to another word in the English language. Same with Chloe: "The boys might call her ho-ee." Wow. Who comes up with that? Madeline: rejected. Caroline: rejected. Alex (for a boy): rejected. Of course, I am rejecting his names at a fast rate as well. Brianna? DEFINITELY rejected. We are really getting nowhere fast. We will be one of those couples who just calls their baby "Baby" for about 3 months before deciding.]

Becca has been a social butterfly lately as well. I love it when her friends come over. They all amuse each other, with an occasional scuffle over a toy, and I feel good that we don't have the TV on and that she is having fun. And, I can actually get stuff done as well! Here she is with Madison and Cait--having a pajama party!

Yesterday for a couple hours while (almost all) our kids were at school, my friends had a little baby shower/tea party for me. It was so nice. Tea sandwiches, scones, conversation. It was really fun. I've never had "tea" before. At least not like this.
So, I am trying to force myself to relax today, but it isn't easy. I feel like I am in hyper-productive mode and I have a long list in my mind of what I need to be accomplishing. Yesterday I had to go have a fetal nonstress test done at the hospital (this is now going to be a weekly thing until delivery). I laid on a bed with contraction and baby heart rate monitors strapped across my belly. I could hardly sit still. I felt like I was going to twitch off the bed. I brought a book and couldn't concentrate on it. Maybe it was all the caffeinated tea. The baby was reacting well and things seem to be good. It is fully engaged in my pelvis (I could have told you that, based on the whole bowling ball between the legs feeling I currently have while walking. Sorry about that visual, but hey! It is true.) So, I say it is time to submit your guesses on the arrival date of Baby 2, who will be unnamed for quite some time....

My guess is Sept. 22.


bevo said...

September 18


Andrea and Ben said...

maybe you could use this and put in the names you like to see what other suggestions it might have:

molly said...

One million dollars says that Bevo picked that date because that's the day after our dear Bevo lands in MD. True? Or perhaps you're flying standby with John's airline.

I pick MONDAY, Sept 15. One week early.

The Quinn Report said...

September 21st is what I'll go with!

I'm also going to guess the sex and say girl!

The Quinn Report said...

Shoot, I meant BOY (don't know why I typed girl).....a little Andrew to be exact; I'm partial!

Tavin will be Tavin Andrew!

Erin said...

I am SO EXCITED for baby #2!!

My guesses are September 20.
Boy named Sue.

Tracy said...

September 21. NO school for Becca. I am sure i am wrong, but I think it is a girl. (Just think of all the clothes) I also think you should be able to trump John's vote (or at least your vote should hold more weight). You are after all, carrying a bowling ball around reminding you on a constant basis.

Tracy said...

Oh and Abby, she has TWO chatter boxes at home. I think she has learned to plug her ears. Abby could probably read books to Becca and play babies and get cozy under covers. The poor thing gets it all the time here!

bevo said...


You owe me a million dollars! I'm hedging my bets with this date. At this point, unless baby comes before, I'm planning to go to Maryland on the 20th or 21st!

PS How is Brutus?

Katie said...

Wow. Y' due date isn't even until Sept 30th!!! I bet we're all going to be wrong and it will be born like October 5 or something horribly overdue! AACK!

molly said...

Dearest Bevo -

The check's in the mail.

Your pal, Brutus, is nervously anticipating this weekend's game against #1 USC in Los Angeles. Gulp. Oh, and our Heisman candidate is injured and probably won't play. Double gulp. Oh! And we narrowly beat an unranked Ohio University last weekend. Oyyyyyyy. Wake me when it's Sunday.

Jen said...

It is so hard to relax those last few weeks. It seems there is always something to be done, and that it will never get done if it doesn't get done before the baby comes. Not to worry - if it's that important and it's not done when the baby arrives, someone will do it for you. Until then, try to relax, if you can!

Ooh, dates. How about 9/20. And I'm guessing it's a boy. =)

susan said...

Farky L'Tanya Farnholtz will be born on 9/26

bevo said...

Hey Brutus,

I'm free this weekend! I could come up and hold your hoof during your game! The Texas-Arkansas match-up has been postponed while we deal with Hurricane Ike.

Hook 'Em!

Swistle said...

I guess the 18th.


Katie said...

Swistle--I love Annika, but it is a little too exotic for most people (like my husband). I also like Claire and Julia. Elise is pretty too! Thanks for the suggestions!

Swistle said...

Back with another name: Joy

Katie said...

mmmmm...I have to reject "Joy" because Rebecca is a nice long name and our last name is rather short and I think we need at LEAST two syllables! Keep 'em coming!! :) And how about some boys names while we're at it? We both like Andrew and Thomas....but neither is perfect!

ashley said...

September 17th!!! :)


Boy- A.W. (you must use your perfect name!)

Girl- Anna Claire (seriously, how cute is that name??!)

I would use Claire if my last name wasn't so sucky--

Kristi said...

I'm going with Sept. 29th!

Angie said...

Allen said that "ho-ee" is from a Saturday night live skit. I LOVE the name Chloe. Allen took it off of my list, too. He basically went with the names that I wanted when it came down to it. Which is good, since Allen wouldn't really discuss names, I had my favorites picked out. Once you get to the point of one name per gender in your head, no other name sounds as good.

Anonymous said...

What is so wrong w/Brianna,that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!Now , Sophi & chloe is , sorry , no words to describe those , WOW,!!!!!!!!!