Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Like This Wives' Tale

We tried this. It sure tasted good...especially the hunan chicken (which, was supposed to be spicy, but somehow nothing in this part of the country is ever spicy)

And my fortune said this.
I had one glass of champagne and John didn't want any. That meant my mom would have to finish the bottle. We decided if she got drunk then the baby would come, because wouldn't that just be perfect? "Gee, we need to go to the hospital, but Mom's passed out on the couch and I just don't think we should leave her in charge of Becca."

But she didn't get (very) drunk afterall. And I don't think any part of our plan worked. And, instead we retreated to the basement to watch "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" on pay per view.

I had my membranes stripped again yesterday--and, um, let's just say it is a very strange sensation to have someone just vigorously.... rummaging about down there. I haven't changed since last Wednesday. And now instead of sending me into labor, my back just hurts continually. My blood pressure was kind of high, so I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to end up being induced anyway. That explains why I've been feeling "off" lately and why the swelling has become impossible to ignore anymore. I'll find out more on Wednesday. Until then--I guess mom and I will go shopping during those precious preschool hours.


sgtsharp said...

Anytime now?? Were waiting?? Its sort of like thanksgiving and waiting for turkey to finish cooking.its done when its done.

molly said...

oh my...you posted this before 5am. poor thing. i hope this is all over soon. can't wait to meet the next "griswold"!!!

Kristi said...

I'm totally loving your fortune. How great is that!

joanna said...

You don't think that sore back is back labor pains? They hurt!

nana said...

Can anyone tell me what happened last night and why I woke up on the bathroom floor? Why does my head ache?? Oh, that's right! I was doing my part to bring on labor... Is it the grandma or the mom who's supposed to drink a bottle of champagne. Maybe it was just a glass... Grammy Bonnie?? Did we get this right??

Anonymous said...

Did you EVER get it right!!!