Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visitors! We Love Visitors!

I love having visitors and/or houseguests. One of my favorite moments in life is when the house is cleaned, the food is all ready (or, in this case, the visitors are bringing in pizza with them), the wine is opened, the candles are lit and it is time to just relax. In a clean house. I love it when people come over and I can get everything done ahead of time. Jo Anne and Jim are arriving tonight and Becca and I are just sitting around awaiting their arrival. And the house. It is the cleanest it has been in months...which really isn't saying much. But I did rather resemble the crazy vacuum lady from this movie. So, now I want to lay down on the floors and lick them.

And, why is it that every time I clean my house, I think to myself "This is so nice. I am going to keep it this way. It isn't that hard to maintain." And then, approximately 24 hours later the house is trashed again? I wish I were the type who could just keep it clean all the time. But, I guess I am NOT. Or, maybe it is that tasmanian devil behind me who has just put 3/4 of her cinnamon graham cracker crumbs on the just-mopped floor. Oh well. A girl can dream.

I am excited because John is going to be home every night for a month to 6 weeks. We are going to have relatives here (Jim and Jo Anne and then my mom) for a few weeks...and they can entertain Becca without quite so much TV watching. And I can relax a bit about logistics of getting to the hospital. And I'm excited because....oh yea, we're going to have a baby.


Erin said...

I like the new template!

But what I really came here to say was: babybabybabybabybaby!!!

I am so excited!

Natalie said...

I'm the same way about my house. But, I'm inclined to think your house is ALWAYS much cleaner than mine. I have magazines stuck in w/cookbooks, a book jacket sitting in a fruit bowl, books spilling out of their wicker baskets, a exercise ball on top of our entertainment center (we have no basement or closet big enough to store it), empty flower vases hanging on the wall, all my tablecloths are stained and so on. I just can't imagine any house being worse than mine - um - well, my mother's is 100x's worse. But, that's a whole other story.

I love visitors too. Except many of our friends still think Portugal is lame (why do Americans know so little about this country? The British certainly don't!), despite reading my blog and hearing me talk to them about it here NON STOP. Anyway, we've been lucky to have a few visitors. But, no one else is that impressed with the idea of coming to Portugal.

Enjoy your visitors!

The Quinn Report said...

I'm with you, I can't seem to keep up with my house either. It's a daily issues that I constantly struggle with and I can't seem to grasp why in the hell I can't keep it nice!

Katie said...

Natalie, I have heard WONDERFUL things about Portugal. I would love to visit! I've heard there are awesome castles where you can go and stay!

MaryB said...

Things are getting exciting at your place! Yay!!!

Im SO SO SO jealous of the clean house - I can't keep up these days AT ALL! I need to BE at home to be be able to clean it, and I am almost never home these days.

So, totaly selfishly, i need to ask...do you have a plan for informing us when there is baby news? Tracy? Guest post by John? Like i said, totally selfish, but babies are so happy and exciting, we need to know! (reference MoMommy's comment above!)

Kristi said...

I can't keep my house clean AT ALL. I can somewhat handle the common areas, but when it comes to the bedrooms forget about it!! I'm so jealous of people that can keep up!!

Katie said...

MaryB...good plan! I'll have Tracy do a guest post (is that okay Tracy!?)

Angie said...

Yeah, glad to hear that there will be a guest post with baby news!

And, I don't know how anyone keeps up with their house unless they only clean all of the time. I already spend far more of my time than I would like cleaning.

Jen said...

Home EVERY night?! Gah! That is SO awesome. (jealous, jealous, jealous...)

Enjoy your family time! Can't wait to see pics of the new baby!