Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Steps

I am having to rearrange my daily schedule in order to accomodate....NAPS. Duh. Of course, I would rearrange the entire planet to accomodate naps.

Andrew sleeps all morning. At least, he has the past two mornings that I have stayed home. So, instead of getting up and going out, as I'm used to, I have been staying home until the afternoons. It is an odd sensation. I don't think I have stayed home all morning more than about three times. Ever. In my life.

I get up. I get dressed and I go do something. Every day. Anything. It is almost like torture to have stay home until lunch. It goes against my DNA. Everything in me is shrieking that we need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE or else the UNIVERSE will IMPLODE.

But then. I had another kid. And that kid sleeps all morning. And, suddenly I see all the things I can get accomplished during the morning hours. Like, oh, say, showering. Or, slogging through the teetering pile of medical bills that I've been ignoring for the last few months. Or, organizing all of Becca's toys (that is what we did yesterday. Don't ask. I have no explanation.)

Of course, he will sleep in his car seat if I take him out in the mornings. And that is definitely handy. But, then I come home and have to hold him the rest of the day and can't get a thing done. So, we adjust.

Life has a new routine now. It is taking some getting used to. And, what is that I hear? A crying baby. Free time is over until tomorrow morning! Funny that "free time" is now just dealing with one kid, instead of dealing with no kids. Nothing like a new baby to start changing all my definitions.


sgtsharp said...

saw you mom yesterday along with you nana & a few cousins and Uncles and Aunts.and other asst. friend from the frozen tundra.

The Quinn Report said...

I have friends that go,go,go with or without their children ALL DAY LONG! I don't know how they do it! I either have to have one or the other. I only plan one thing a day to do (other than the gym) because I enjoy just being home whether it's the AM or PM.

Natalie said...

I commend you for getting out of the house every AM. I'm not so good about that since I moved here (though, two play groups a week help).

Do you think he'll start to fall into the: wake up at 7:00am, nap from 9-11ish, afternoon nap from 1-3 routine soon?

I don't know how old my infants were when they finally fell into it - actually, I had to push them into it a tiny bit (as in, kept them up and stimulated from 7am-9am) - but, no idea what age. Maybe three months?

It was harder to keep the morning routine/nap up with #2 b/c I'm a morning person and gym time will only happen in the AM and I did like to get Liv out in the AM's. By 10-months, I nixed the AM nap w/Lila. Liv, on the otherhand, was 14/15 months. Yikes. NO idea how I did that.

Anyway, everything changes, at his age, nearly as fast as you write about it. It's all good, in long run. I have more fond memories than bad ones of the early, crazy, ever-changing months. Good for you, going with the flow and all.

Jen said...

Everything is relative, isn't it?

"Or, organizing all of Becca's toys (that is what we did yesterday. Don't ask. I have no explanation.)"... Hahaha, Monica!

Erin said...

Oh, but it gets easier! Remember that. I does, for real. Newborns are so squishy and adorable because otherwise they would never get by with being so DEMANDING ALL THE EFFING TIME.

Now you can hang out by the coffee pot in the morning?

Tracy said...

It is amazing to me how a mom just adapts to every situation that comes up. Welcome to the new norm. Life feels complete when you get just one task done every couple of days (you know like showering) when you have a newborn. A routine will emerge and you won't be able to remember life before Andrew.