Thursday, October 16, 2008

Career Goals: Aiming High

You wan pink? You wan red? You wan sippy cup?


Kristi said...

so cute!

those look like OPI...i love OPI...especially I'm Not Really A Waitress!!

Sioux said...

I think the more astounding aspect of this post/photo is the array of nail polishes. I hate to break it to you, but there are only about 4 different shades in that entire line-up!

bevo said...

Since you have so many bottles of nail polish, could you please send me the one I used on my hooves when I visited you? They need a bit of touch up!

Katie said...

Sioux--I KNOW!! I seem to only use one of three shades--bright pink, red, dark or regular, or pale pink. SAD. I did buy one bottle of dark goth looking stuff, but as you can see, it is still unopened!

MaryB said...

One of my dream jobs??? Coming up with the OPI polish names!

Becca and I could have some fun!

Oh, and I have one of those dark, vampy colors on my toes right now. For the first time. Rich said, "whats that?" I told him it was "very hip and vampy." And he said, "yeah, well it is if vampy is a synonym for slutty."

My favs -
Privacy Please
Im not really a waitress
cha ching cherry
bogota blackberry
Wyatt Earple Purple

Joel and Angela said...

SO CUTE!!! She is adorable. Was she wanting to paint your toes?

Lysandra said...

I'm with everyone on I'm Not Really a Waitress and Linkin Park After Dark, and Quarter of a Cent-Cherry.

The Quinn Report said...

I think I just went tink in my panties! TOOOOO Funny!

sgtsharp said...

I had my toes painted once.