Friday, October 10, 2008

Carrying On

Best. Invention. Ever.

The Joovy Caboose Sit 'n Stand stroller. Becca refuses to sit in regular strollers, but likes to whine and carry on that she's tired and she wants me to carry her whenever we encounter a hill on our walks. Problem solved. THANK GOD. Thanks, Jo Anne!
Our post-nap time was infinitely better yesterday as we took a walk up to the nearby playground. Andrew still wanted to be held as soon as the stroller stopped moving, but at least Becca was frolicking outside instead of whining inside. Today we may attempt (gasp!) the mall. But we may not.

Now, let me ask you this. Why would the Lifetouch people send home a form asking you to choose your background for school photos when they apparently ignore anything you pick. I chose the solid blue background. Does this look solid blue to you? Do you REALLY think I would choose fake leaves and a bridge to nowhere? (I just took a photo with my flash on, the real photo doesn't have the big white spot on it).Hell no. But, the photo of her is so cute that I bought some anyway. What a sucker. But, why do they make up such retarded backgrounds? Imagine this photo taken against a plain black background and zoomed in a bit! These people need me as a consultant to class them up. It wouldn't be hard to do.

And this series of photos is entitled, I Didn't Know I Gave Birth to a Grumpy Little Old Man.


Kristi said...

She looks super cute in that picture.

I'll never understand those cheesy backgrounds. In the fall, Kaeli's school does plain backgrounds, but come spring, it's all rivers and waterfalls. Everyone knows they're fake. It's not fooling anyone!!

Swistle said...

I have ALMOST BOUGHT that Joovy several times! I wants it.

The backgrounds---I KNOW! WHY OH WHY? I always have to be really specific in the studio, too. NO, I do NOT want my child to appear to be sitting in the snow with no snowgear on! NO, I do NOT want my child to appear to be sitting on a leafy path in the forest! NO, I do NOT want my child to appear to be in China during cherry-blossom season, however beautiful cherry-blossom season may be!

bevo said...

But, Becca's hair! It is nearly perfect!!

Hmmm - the background doesn't go too well with a PINK dress!

Great stroller!

bevo said...

Andrew is SO handsome!!

nana said...

OMG - I just remembered. I had to really talk fast and hard to convince Becca that the ORANGE bow did not match her dress. She wanted orange! Do you think she knew her bow would build a bridge between her outfit and the background??

joanna said...

Good for you for going to the playground! I'm sure getting out of the house would help me during those hours too. I can't believe they put that background with Becca just because of the dress she had on. She looks adorable. I guess they get paid either way. Last Spring for Julia's pictures (which I didn't want so I didn't send in the form with the request for what pose) they posed her while she had on a skirt in the pose they specifically suggested wearing pants for. Of course that makes sense - because I bought the pictures anyway!

The Quinn Report said...

Oh my gosh, she looks so darn cute in that photo! Yes, the background is lame, but she totally makes up for it!

sgtsharp said...

Andrew looks like Winston Churchhill. All babies do. Yes Portrait Studios have & do fuck things up.

Joel and Angela said...

The sitnstand is great! You can actually get 3 kids in there.
That is a great picture of Becca. Last year, the kdo took one of Claire holding an apple! COME ON! But I was a sucker too and got one. She looked really cute in it.
Andrew is so so cute! Love that look on his face. looks like John!

MaryB said...

My Sit N Stand changed my life! for the better! That invention was pure genius! You will love it!

Backgrounds - bleh! And it is even worse when they try to get you to use it for family pictures!!!

Nana's comment cracked me up! I canjust hear that conversation!

BRUTUS said...

katie - looks like Olan Mills was having a fire sale.


Erin said...

Oh, they are both so perfectly ADORABLE.

I've seen that stroller and I am JEALOUS!

The Smith's said...

Ilove the old man face. I miss the grump faces Wilson made at that age. They are just so small and wrinkly (is that spelled right?)

YOur stroller rocks. When we have another one I think that is what we will get.

Hope you made it to the mall.

Oh yeah, I love that picture. She is ADORABLE. There is no way I wouldn;t have bought a picture, even with the background cause she looks too cute!!