Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Boob Broke

Yesterday I noticed some tenderness under my left armpit. Then, I realized I was shivering and unable to get warm. Then I noticed some body aches. I high-tailed it over to the urgent care center to demand some antibiotics because you KNOW I already diagnosed myself. And sure enough. Mastitis. Again. Nature's most cruel joke. Not only are you sleep-deprived and certifiably crazy with a new baby, but then you get hit with pain in your boob so painful you can't touch it, and chills and body aches like no one's business. My neck, head, shoulders, lower back....even my scalp hurts. And, aside from the antibiotics, the doctor tells you to rest as much as possible. NO SHIT, Doc. That is what got me into this mess in the first place...a breastfeeding baby who prefers not to sleep at night. Rest ain't gonna least not until John gets back. He was here this morning and made sure I got a morning nap (Thank you, Jesus.)

Last night probably wasn't the best time to try to get Andrew to sleep in his crib. After hearing him scream with blind rage for the fifth time in two hours, I gave up. Then, he was crabby and grunty and NOT SLEEPING in my bed as well. Not exactly one of my most stellar evenings. At all.

So, I am throwing myself a major pity party and you're all invited. Please bring a heating pad and babysitting skills. I'll provide the halloween candy. I would provide the wine, but the liquor store sale is today only and I doubt I'll make it there on time (damn.)


bevo said...

Damn is right - mastitis is painful! Not to make light of your diagnostic skills, but mastitis ain't hard to figure out!

Wish I could be there to help - hope you begin feeling much better very soon!

Kristi said...

Ow ow ow. My boobs hurt just reading that. Not fun!

Enjoy the pity party. Don't you wish liquor stores delivered!

The Quinn Report said...

I've never had that and hope I don't get it on this go around either; I feel for you girl!

sgtsharp said...

OW! I thought where you live booze was sold in supermarkets

MaryB said...

Oh girl! I have had mastitis 8 times. I feel your pain. Like, literally, right now, I am having sympathy pain for you.

My mom made me promise to ever breastfeed another baby because OBVIOUSLY my boobs don't work right.

My favorite Mastitis medical advice, "just nurse through the pain, sweetie." I almost punched that nurse tight in her face. (oh, and jokes on her - I had progressed to the next phase where you actually shouldnt nurse the baby.)

I would so come over and make you food and babysit. I fancy myself pretty good at both and cant think of a better way to put those skills to use than to help a fellow airplane widow.

Feel better! ((hugs)) (But NOT the kind of hug that would squish, or even come near, the "center of pain"!)

Oh, and you need a liquor store that delivers!

Natalie said...

I've only ever had a very mild case of mastitis - so I can't relate too much. But, when I had it, I was in serious panic mode b/c my husband was on TDY and I didn't have any friends here yet to help if I had to high tail it to the ER.

You crack me up though. I love reading your blog. Some people blog and keep it just about the kids and rarely divolge any personal info. While those are still fun to read, you start to think, "gosh, he/she seems to have it easy, what's wrong w/me?). I love that you're so open, as it helps all of us reading feel normal!

Hang in there!

Jen said...

Oh no. I hope you are feeling better soon, and that the kiddos are angels until then.

Erin said...

Katie, Katie, Katie. OH. I am SO SORRY. I've been there, and it is awful. *heaping doses of sympathy*

Joel and Angela said...

OOOHHHH! I have had mastitis THREE TIMES with Ellen. I get it again and I am totally quitting. She gets formula too. I would sleep with the heating pad on my chest whenever I started to get sore and that seemed to help some.
One suggestiong I read was so dumb...lean over a bowl of warm water and soak your breast for 15 minutes 4 times a day. WHATEVER!!

MommyK said...

That sucks. I had mastitis with the second baby. Hope you feel better soon. And BTW, I tagged you for an award!

Andrea and Ben said...

That sucks. I feel fortunate not having gone through that (yet - I don't want to make it happen by opening my trap). I would love to come to the pity party. I will bring the makings for some killer martinis!!!