Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wheel Spinning

My new strategy in parenting/home upkeep is to try to get one (ONE!) thing done a day. Today it is laundry. My bed is covered in piles of clean, wrinkled and unfolded laundry and here I sit. Yesterday it was uploading photos to my external hard drive. And, would you believe it takes me all day to do my one task? Well, yes, you would. Because if you've ever had a newborn, particularly one who insists on being held 22 hours a day and having diaper blowouts on me every hour or so, then you know what I'm up against here. Especially if you are like me and find you can spend hours fiddling around with photos (how much contrast is too much when converting to black and white, etc?) trying to get a baby announcement together before your kid goes off to kindergarten. And, of course, I can't do ANY of these things during nap time. Because I have to nap then. So, there you have it. In summary: continually doing something and yet not getting nearly enough done.

As for the voting, Picture number four was the clear winner with 18 votes. The second runner up was photo eight with seven votes. And, now I've taken more that I'm trying to decide on. So, really it is no more clear to me than it was before I started.

Now I have to go move that laundry off my bed and onto the floor, for, lo, it is naptime. In today's post-nap line up, flu shot for poor unsuspecting toddler. Stay tuned.


The Quinn Report said...

I don't even have a newborn yet and I find it hard enough as it us to get things accomplished with a toddler around the house!

How will I ever get things done in less than a month?

sgtsharp said...

One thing thats a must if you don't have one, is a front loading washer you get a lot in 'em. Our laundry just piles up really quickly here.

bevo said...

I remember thinking (back when I had newborns and toddlers) that I should get my photographs in order. Someone told me, "No! That's what you do when you retire!"

WOW! What validation for not messing with photographs! You have YEARS to get your photographs in order.

But, please DO continue to upload them and send them to me! Oh, yes - and keep posting them on your blog... Thanks!!

MaryB said...

I operate on the same "one thing a day" principle and I don't have a newborn as a good excuse!

seems to me that you are a total rockstar at this mom to multiple kids thing!

Andrea and Ben said...

You are so much better at that than I. I finally (11 weeks later) got our announcements out.

I love that photo and really hope you use it!

lisa said...

Amen to the one project per day. Today Im also tackling laundry and its piled all over the family room and as I was eating....nay, inhaling my lunch (see also: newborn that screams as soon as shes put down) I thought to myself that if my husband says anything about it being wrinkled I'll give him three options for next time: wrinkled, dirty or self serve. ;)