Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photo Montage....

Here are some pictures from Jo Anne's camera during her visit.

Don't walk in our family room if you want to keep your ankles intact. Major tripping hazards!


I. Love. This. Picture.

I see Andrew left a present on Jo Anne's shirt.
The amount of toys on the floor and shit on the counters stresses me out to no end! You can also see "The Rachel." You can also see the junction of the three floorings in my house that I hate.
Also: nice posture.
Don't you love the poses Becca and John are in? This picture cracks me up. It looks like a senior picture of a basketball player and his.....daughter, or something. I love this bush in our yard. It is called a Burning Bush. I really wanted a family photo in front of it, but all the leaves fell off before I could get everyone assembled. Maybe next year.


Kristi said...

What great pictures! Andrew is getting so big. I love the basketball one!!

Swistle said...

Your hair looks beautiful and shiny and non-Rachelish. And I think that picture of the two kids is your Christmas card photo this year.

Jen said...

1. What a great picture of the kids.

2. Love your hair.

3. That last picture IS funny, with the posing and all.

4. I want one of those red bushes. WOW.

bevo said...

YES! The photo of Becca and Andrew would make a great Christmas card. Problem solved.

The Quinn Report said...

Those are all great pictures...but ESPECIALLY the one of John and Becca together! You'll have to put that in one of your scrapbooks!

sgtsharp said...

I love the lived in look you house has. Good work !
Oh I love the pics.

Lysandra said...

HAHAH I love the senior photo! How cute are they posing with the basketball.