Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photographic Evidence

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great was very laid back and relaxing. We stuffed ourselves silly on Thanksgiving. Someone else pretty much held Andrew all weekend and occupied Becca. I got to take a hot bath, sleep a lot, go shopping by myself, drink some wine and go to a movie with all the guys. We saw the new James Bond film. It was okay, but nowhere near as good as Casino Royale, in my opinion.

Since I am awake and not napping (see also: toddler shrieking in her bed and NOT sleeping and baby complaining in his swing and NOT SLEEPING and me feeling very annoyed by all that AS USUAL), I will post some photos.

My handsome men

Andrew smiling at his grandfather

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I have always loved it! Becca was into it, too.
Also, note the cabinet door that is RIPPED off...the wood just SPLIT. I finished that armoire myself when we were first married and it has been through hell and back. It finally bit the dust. With the wrinkled, stained carpet and the Sharpie-marked couches, our family room is really looking KLASSEE these days.

Say "Turkey!"

The whole crew I was bound and determined to get our Christmas card photo taken. And we attempted it. But Becca insisted on wearing that hot pink bow in her hair (with her navy dress) and no tights, with Snow White dress shoes and a long costume jewellry necklace. Oh. And she had to carry a dead carnation as well. Then, she spent most of the photo shoot pouting or pretending to be pregnant (see below).

What Andrew did all Thanksgiving Day...
...except when he was doing this....(luckily the Longhorns won, so this wasn't a prophetic photo!) Jane made snowmen cookies with Becca.
Given my obsession with Reese's peanut butter cups, since this photo was taken, there are now unmentionable numbers of headless, and therefore hatless, snowmen.


bevo said...

Hot pink bow, navy dress, no tights, Snow White dress shoes, long costume jewelry necklace, dead carnation, pouting or pretending to be pregnant - go for it!

Feener said...

looks like a great time. can you share that snowman cookie recipe ?

Natalie said...

Great times with the fam! Love the pics.

I've said it before and will say it again, Becca and Olivia are twins. I'll post about this incident in a sec but at the movie theater yesterday, Olivia decided to breastfeed her bear - in public. She lifted her dress and started walking down the hall bfing the bear. My husband is very supportive of bfing, however, it was CLEAR what she was doing and he would not have it. Mild tantrum ensued. Olivia is pregnant most days as of late.

I'm glad to read you let Becca dress the way she wanted. My husband is not supportive of that kind of thing and it drives me nuts. Why fight over things like that w/a toddler? She's showing her true self, at this age, and why not document it. It's annoying now, but, it'll be SO cute in the future. Great evidence as to the toddler she once was!

The Quinn Report said...

Perfect family all adds character!

sgtsharp said...

Love the Pictures of the family. Went and got the family Christmas tree yesterday, with our busy schedules it made sence to get it on Sunday.There is no snow on the ground here in PC. yet another snow storm went to the south of us.SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOW. Cross Lake is frozen over and a few brave people are out there fishing.

nana said...

At the age of 2-and-a-half Katie breastfed a bag of carrots, a bag of dried beans - whatever she could grab from cart as she rode around while grocery shopping!

We'd love to have a photo of that! (Katie, you KNEW this had to come out sometime!)

Jen said...

What CUTE cookies! Please do share the recipe.

Yeah...Christmas card photo. I don't think it's happening for us this year. We'll see if I can even get cards out. Ha.

Lysandra said...

I like the pink bow with the navy dress. I wear these navy pants I have with a hot pink sweater. One of my favorite outfits. It made me laugh that she pretended to be pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful choice, Becca! I love the way you walk. Katie, how do you get Becca to be interested in dolls, dress up and girl stuff? Maya pays no interests in such things. Animal toys and that's it. She hid the dolls in the closet and if she found one that happened to sneaked back, she tossed the poor thing away. Love the family photos. Noo