Monday, December 22, 2008

My Pirst Christmas, Or My Cheap Ass Korean Socks

John is home for a few days, thank GOD, and he just put Becca down for her nap. And do we hear a peep? No we do not. Please someone tell me why it is so different when I do it. Sometimes being the mother just sucks. All I know is I will be taking a nap today. Period. I really love hearing all your stories and LOVE Feener's term Nap Rage. It is like Road Rage times 20 million. I totally get it. But, then she looks all cute and innocent and I'm filled with regret. Bring on the mommy guilt--more suckitude.
John has to leave for a four day (UGH) trip on Christmas morning at 8 a.m. We discussed waking everyone up at 5 a.m. to hurredly open gifts and cram some breakfast down our whine-holes before he had to leave, John already in uniform and ready to go. But, that sounded annoying. And dumb. So, we've decided to move Christmas up a day this year. We'll be having our Christmas Day on the 24th. That means, our Christmas Eve is tomorrow night! Santa better get his shit together.

So, I did what any normal parent would do. I dressed the baby up in a variety of his Christmas outfits for a photo shoot.

Then, I tortured him in an exersaucer.
The end.


Grammy Bonnie said...

Hey! Andrew looks like his Texas Grandpa. . .No-Combover Sharp!!

Angie said...

I love that top photo of Andrew! He definitely has a different look from Becca. Cute.

and, I've been meaning to ask, has Becca's hair fully recovered from "Hacking, 2007?" It sure looks like it.

And, I'm a bit envious of the napping, any day. I went back to read other strategies, and wondered about taking everything out of her room. We did lock Ashlyn's door, right after she switched to a toddler bed. She would check the door and get back in bed, but would not stay in the room if she could get out. Once she was potty-trained, though, I didn't feel like I could do it anymore.

Angela said...

We have had to move Christmas up a day before. Don't worry, Santa knows what he's doing. do you change the color of the background on the blog? I can't figure that out.

Andrea_Ben said...

Hahahaha, I used to joke that my choices for food on Korean air were beep or pish. Hilarious, the title to this post just flooded me with Korea memories!! Sweet photos :0)

Jen said...

That is one cute kid.

Merry Almost Christmas!

P.S. Love the socks. As my Korean Christmas card said a few years ago: "Merry Chritsmas!"

sgtsharp said...

Hes a Sharp alright! Ahh, the Asian words are too funny.Reminds me of my time in Japan.

Feener said...

oh yes for some reason hubby was always able to get them to nap or the sitter, it pissed the bejesum out of me. usually they napped and i would go out, so of course i would get home right when they woke ????

Tracy said...

Oh the land of the not quite right. Man I miss shopping there. if only I was able to see in the future. I would have bought SO much more and SO many different things.

Oh and Andrew.. Delicious.

bevo said...

Adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable adorable

Swistle said...


Love the funny socks!

You know what's funny is that my family always celebrates on Christmas Eve, but Paul has to work that day so instead we're celebrating Christmas Day. You and I have switched! Like Freaky Friday, but less...dramatic!