Thursday, December 18, 2008

This Is A First

Today at a red light, someone came running up to my car and handed me a plastic grocery bag with a poopy pull-up in it.

Of course, it was all my fault.

You see, when I have to discard something G.R.O.S.S. from my eldest child who is still NOT FULLY POTTY TRAINED (Ahem. Do you hear me banging my head against the wall? Listen a little harder....) I put it in a plastic grocery bag and tie it shut. Then, I open the garage door and throw it in the general vicinity of the trash can out there. Sorry, landfills. If you can potty train my child I'll stop filling you up with something that will never biodegrade.

Anyway, last time I missed the trash can. And it landed on the roof of my car.

Then, I drove off, only to have a frantic looking lady holding said bag and banging wildly on my car window as as I sat at a red light.

I think Santa needs to leave me a car air freshener in my stocking.


The Smith's said...

Oh Katie, Only you can have a story that good!!


I just can't believe it!

MommyK said...

I laughed so hard I shot soda out my nose. Thanks for the chuckle.

Natalie said...

Only you! The funny stuff happens to you!

Tracy said...

Seriously, you could not make something up this funny. I was talking to Renee and it took me about 3 minutes to read it to her because i was laughing so hard. this could only happen toyou!

The Quinn Report said...

NOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh MY GOD, I thought stuff like that ONLY happened to me! I'm sorry, but I'm glad to hear I'm NOT the only one!

ashley said...

hilarious!! by the way- why do our children refuse to use the potty for number 2??

Jen said...

That is just too funny. Too.