Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Childish Antics

Lately Becca has been putting on her own coat.

She obsessed with My Little Ponies and we all know all their names. "No. That's not Sweetie Belle, that's Rainbow Dash!" In fact, I was at a friend's house recently and spotted a purple pony. I ran over to see if it was "Wysteria" because I cannot find that damn pony anywhere (It wasn't. I think Wysteria has been discontinued. Do you see what I have been reduced to, people?)
And this week her thing is to stack up all the like-sized paperback books and carry them around with her. I think I have read the My Little Pony book to her 2,593 times a day since we got it on Saturday. She loves this book. I do not. Especially since Wysteria is the main character and is NOT available for purchse. How dumb is Hasbro? The fact that our baby swing is now eating batteries at an alarming rate (like, four D batteries every 2 days) means that perhaps it is time to quit ditching the baby in the corner and time to let him play with some big boy toys. (Internal monologue: NOOOOO! My baby is still a tiny newborn. There is no way he is ready for this yet. NEWBORN! Do you hear me!???)Either that, or the swing is just being a little whiny bitch, threatening to crap out on me. (Listen here, swing, crapping out is NOT. ALLOWED. This baby is still a newborn--see above internal monologue--dammit. You can swing him without having a heart attack. Are you listening to me, swing?)


Jen said...

Ahahahaha! I hate it when that happens! You buy the kid a book to be nice, and then you end up reading it over and over and OVER again until you want to gouge your eyes out, hating every word and hating yourself for buying the damn thing to begin with. Good luck with that. For me, it's Sleeping Beauty. A nice story, the first 400 times you read it. Not so much after that.

molly said...

Ever tried rechargeable batteries? I'm a big fan.

I'm compelled to search for Wysteria on eBay now. I do not tolerate "unavailable." ha ha

molly said...

Back from eBay, home of countless homeless Wysteria My Little Ponies! :)

Erin said...

I really wish Cal and Becca could get together for REALS. Cal is learning to put his coat on, by putting it on the floor upside-downish, then flipping it over his head. Not exactly intuitive but it works!

And the glittery pony stuff? And glittery pony BOOKS? Wow. SO DIFFERENT FROM OUR HOUSE. Calum has his HEART SET on a book shaped like a GARBAGE TRUCK (again with the garbage truck!) from that damn Scholastic Book Club.

Angela said...

Gosh I hate battery operated baby toys. Can't they figure out how to make them solar powered? That is one big collection of Ponies! And I know exactly how you feel about the newborn stage. I am still in denial and she is 7 months now. Hope you are feeling better! And thanks for the Book suggestions. Never made it to the library today. Moved it to Thursday!

Katie said...

Molly--You're the best. Damn, those ponies are FUGLY (especially the older ones on Ebay!) I had only looked on Amazon where they were charging 28 dollars for Wysteria. TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS. WTF?

Erin--I was trying to teach Becca that over the head flippy way of putting on her coat. She loved it! I need to work on it a bit more, obviously! :)

Angie said...

That's hilarious that you are hitting up ebay looking for a specific pony. We have a few ponies. Ashlyn likes them, but we have no clue what any of their names are.

And, I tend to loath many of the books Ashlyn likes, such as all disney princess books, any books based on tv or movies, ack. Fortunately, she gets away from them often enough to read Fancy Nancy, If you give a moose a muffin, etc. I don't mind reading those over and over.

And, I've been trying not to cry all week over my baby being one!

The Quinn Report said...

I'm having a similar issue with mine, damn things!

Tracy said...

Everything else has an ac adaptor. Why doesn't something that you kid could potentially be in for huge amounts of time? Stupid swing! Okay, really Im not so much into the swing thing, but sometimes you just have to rant and that sounds like as good of a topic as any!

Have you checked out our stash? If we have it, you can have it. My girls like them, but not like Becca. I wouldn't know the difference. and the girls wouldn't probably know they were gone.