Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Officially Completely Geeked Out

There is nothing that can consume my mind and keep me up all night in quite the same way as potential decorating ideas. Except for sick offspring. But, thankfully I am clutching a Pottery Barn catalog to my chest at the moment instead of a thermometer and WebMD.

So, I took some photos. Ask and you shall receive, internets! But, then I decided to be a complete dork and took a video. And, as you will see, apparently my kitchen counter clean up did NOT work.

I'm SURE my brother David is rolling his eyes right now. He HATES it when I tackle decorating dilemmas on my blog. But, that was before he moved in with Tara, who I am positive, would be into the whole decorating thing. So, if you can't deal with minutia of decorating, click away now. I'm warning you. CLICK AWAY!

Where was I? Oh yes. So, here is the "formal" living room that I want to turn into a family room with flat screen TV.I have been rearranging the furniture to simulate what I have in mind. The bookshelves will not be there in my final vision. Normally the couch is in a different spot. But I like it better here. The windows are bumped out, so that portion of the room isn't as wide. That's why there isn't a real corner where we could fit a sectional. I'm thinking a love seat under the windows, a matching couch where this couch is, and a cool chair or chaise or something where the red rocking chair is. My dilemma is that I can't decide whether to keep the current furniture, or get something new. Like this.I really like this Pottery Barn sectional look, but can't seem to figure out how to get a sectional in our small living room with weird wall bump-outs. So I might have to do a couch and love seat that sort of have that sectional look.

Here is the dining room with the living room in the background. This part of the house just feels more spacious than the cramped back family room.
Here is the tiny, cramped, toy-infested family room. The guard rail really blocks it off and makes it feel even smaller. The TV cabinet is broken and huge and NEEDS TO GO. You can't even see that other window on the other side of it! This room is just too small for more than about three people. When I have my girlfriends over and our kids are here, we don't even want to set foot in that room. The kids are all over us, you can't walk because of the toys, etc. Hence, my desire for a real hangout room in the living room. But, I also have a big desire to get all wood floors in here and in the kitchen and to take down the guard rail. But I can't do both that and a new living room set up. What would you do? New floors? Or new furniture? If you came to my house, would you hang out in that front room? Or do you think you'd end up back in the kitchen regardless?

Alright. I have to go. The baby is screaming bloody murder and the preschooler just dropped a bottle of Triple Sec on her toe in a quest for chocolate chips in the pantry (don't ask!)


sgtsharp said...

You got the chainsaw out!!

Angie said...

Yes, put a tv in the big room. With it connected to the dining room, I think people will still hang out in there. And, I would get new floors before new furniture, including getting rid of the guardrail thing. (Why is that there, exactly?)I love wood floors, so that would be my first priority.

Marie Green said...

Well, first I have to say that no matter what you decide doing, you have a great space and a beautiful house ALREADY, so you'd just be enhancing.

We are not big TV people, so I'd probably keep the tv out of the formal living room. Do you often hang out and watch tv with friends? Then a tv in there would be fabulous. But otherwise, I think if you put a tv in there, the kids will just want to hang out in there and the toys would take over that space too.

Also, I really like the furniture you have, so I'd probably do the floors. But I have a soft spot for new wood floors, so um, basically I'm probably not at all helpful.

Can't wait to see what you decide!

Jen said...

Have you thought of switching the furniture in the two rooms? Then maybe you can do the floors now and get new furniture later.

Meg said...

I had the same idea about our family room too (that first room when you come in my front door) was supposed to be a great room with a leather sectional, etc. But then we had kids...with grandparents that got them train tables and ride on toys and everything else. So that idea is on hold for 18 years or so. Then a mommy friend I was lamenting to mentioned she wanted the same thing, but it seemed like now matter how inviting she tried to make the formal living room, everyone always hangs out in whatever room is closest to the kitchen (usually the family room). Everyone I've pointed that out to agrees they have the same situation. For whatever that's worth....But I would knock down that half gate thing. It's always looked kind of out of place. But I think there was a reason you couldn't do that??? That doesn't address any of your delimmas does it? Sorry!!!

Meg said...

ok wait..just re read the post. i would rip up the black linoleum in your kitchen and get new floors rather than new living room furniture. i think it would do alot more for your overall look than new couches in a similar shade would. i also think (for me at least) getting new couches while i still have young kids is a big mistake, b/c it will just be another reason to yell at them and resent them for staining things. I have plenty of reasons to yell at them already.

bevo said...

I'd make the wood floors top priority (like I didn't...) I'm wondering if the kids will haul their toys into what ever room YOU are.

Lost in Space said...

BIG danger Will Robinson

Dad said...

To Brutus Buckeye!

AND that's how it is done!

sgtsharp said...

Take out the railing! it looks to me that doesnt serve any perpose xcept to decorate.
Oh and your house is waaay tooooo clean!!

Jen said...

1. I love your video.

2. I love the idea of a TV in the front room. And a TV in the back room. Front for adults, back for family/kids.

3. I think you could put a sectional in your front room regardless of the "bump-outs". We have a sectional in our family room and it's pulled away from the wall. It looks great (thank you, designer). I'll send you a pic.

4. Will you be in your house long enough to make new floors worthwhile? Could you do new floors, steam clean your sofas AND get a new sectional?

5. No matter what, people will always end up in the kitchen. Or some place else that doesn't have appropriate seating. Somehow, at Kate's birthday party, we all ended up sitting on the floor at the bottom of the steps while she opened her gifts. WTF? We have plenty of seating!