Friday, January 16, 2009

Mixing it Up

In a desperate attempt to get out of the dreaded Groundhog Day scenario, I took both kids to get Andrew's picture professionally taken today. Despite having the earliest appointment, it is still a complete zoo getting that done. Especially when it is 13 degrees and windy. You should have seen me trying to get the stroller out, assembled, the giant-ass diaper bag secured and keeping two screaming kids in it while sprinting across the giant mall parking lot in the wind. God, I HATE wind. That is the number one thing I H.A.T.E. about Maryland. Nonstop effing wind. At least in Fairbanks when it is 20 below zero it is still. And calm. And not ripping the hats right off the kids' heads.

So, anyway. The kids were relatively well-behaved except when Becca threw a temper tantrum over me not buying her a 16-dollar princess purse. Sixteen dollars? You have GOT to be kidding. No way, kid. Since she'll carry it around for approximately four days and then dump it unceremoniously in the basement never to touch it again. Oh, and she threw another temper tantrum that I bought her a bottled water for her drink. What was she expecting Orange Julius? Think again.

Andrew wasn't overly smiley for his pictures, but he didn't have a meltdown either. Becca refused to be in them, except for two poses. One with a lame shot of the top of her head. Which, of course, I bought. Because who can resist a posed photo of forcing one child to show affection to the other--especially when it shows the uncombed part in the first child's hair?

I get so confused when it is time to view the photos and order them. It is probably because I've just waited a half hour for them to be view-able while they print out and frame giant hideous pictures to try to con me in to buying their frames.

I come with my list of photos I have to have. In this case, I needed three separate black and white photos to fill in this frame (Becca's three month photos in the left frame, Andrew's in the right). I'm bothered that hers are much more dark and contrasty than his. Also, they really don't resemble each other much at all.I also figured I'd get a really big one to frame for his room, since I have a big 3-month photo of Becca framed in her room (too bad he is closer to 4 months at this point. Second child. Meh.)

But somehow I got all discombobulated and ordered more than I should have, and ended up with color one one when I wanted black and white, and black and white on one that should have been sepia, etc.

When I'm out and about, I have a diaper bag stuffed full of snacks as a way to save my sanity in public. In the past 24 hours, between my Lowe's excursion and the mall excursion, Becca has eaten 4 granola bars, one package of fruit snacks, one package of peanut butter crackers, 2 lollipops, 2 juice boxes, and one chicken nugget. And, not much else. Disgusting.
You too could look like this, if you just subsist on granola bars.
No, I did NOT buy this. Nice try photo people. That might just be the worst photo EVER.

I swear, kids meals at fast food joints need to come with this option: one chicken nugget, two apple slices, three toys, making sure one of them is a Disney princess, and bottle of pinot noir for the mom. Now THAT would be worth five dollars.


Elizabeth said...

This post might have just made my weekend.

The Quinn Report said...

I've decided that I'm NEVER going to order photos on the spot after I've had them taken. I always end up ordering the worst shots because I'm in a rush, the kids are screaming and Andrew doesn't have patience for umm...anything! Viewing them online with some privacy(wait, does that ever happen?) is much better!

Ann said...

I totally feel you on the wind. I'll take the Fairbanks cold any day over the wind we get out here in Washington. Totally sucks! Way to go on getting out and getting pictures done. Jason is almost 1 and we haven't done any of him yet. Now I'm just going to wait until his 1st birthday.

sgtsharp said...

32 below with out the windchill.about 50 below with it. Truck started just fine without a garage or plug in!
Cute pictures of the kids. love the naked baby pics.

Anonymous said...

Really miss you guys. Your becca and Andrew are beautiful. What I did in a store , when Nick threw fit not getting what he wanted , left the cart,went to the car and gave him an alternative,either straighten up or we went home w/NOTHING , TWICE WE WENT HOME WITHOUT. It really works!!!!!!! When we went back,both knew if they EVEN BEGGED , NO TREATS ,if they did not ask ,they got A treat , ice cream , or what ever. It can be a pain in the ass , but a couple times and shopping can be fun,without drama!!!!!!!!!!!1 And every-one in the store also appreciates well behaved children. Love and Miss

Swistle said...

LOVE the photo of her being forced to kiss him! You can hardly even see the coercion, and later it'll be totally invisible!

I ALWAYS get TOTALLY confused when I'm ordering photos, even if I write everything down. There's always something I don't expect that throws everything off. And then I'm thinking, "Better to order too many than to have to re-order at higher prices later!" and then I end up with heaps of unused photos. Am smart.

The Peregos said...

You had the pictures taken today (or even this week) and they're already in the frame on the wall??? That step can take me months. You are Wonder Woman. I knew it! Way to go!

Angie said...

I don't like having to order pictures at the studio. It is much better to get them online. I need to take my time.

Bruce, Tamara & Lolo said...

Count me in when they take you up on the "Happy Meal" idea!

Jen said...

I love your idea for a kid's meal. Excellent!

I HATE taking the kids to get photos done. It was hard enough with 1 kid, but 2? In October, my sister and I took all 3 of our kids to Sears, and it was absolute HELL. And the whole process of ordering them right there while the kids tear the place up: genius on the photog's part. Stressed out parents will always order more than they need.

Trishy said...

So VERY VERY TRUE!!!!! You definitely made my night too :)