Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow, Company, Ball Gowns

Just when I was thinking we might go a whole winter with no good snow and we wouldn't have a chance to use the pink snowpants I bought for Becca last year on consignment for 4 dollars (YES!)... it came down today. We went out during a lull when there was just a little bit on the ground. There is lots more now and it is beautiful.
Snow Pants. Check. Peep toe Heels. Check.

Two teenaged boys just knocked on the door and smiled big smiles and asked if they could shovel our driveway for us. Part of me wanted to scoff, "You call this snow? I can shovel it in 20 minutes! In Alaska people wouldn't even notice this enough to call this snow." But, I am a sucker for cheerful (!) teenagers trying to make some money by doing work instead of just whining to their parents. So I caved. And maybe I can tell John I did it myself during nap time (HA HA HA!)

John's dad, Jane, Tony, Jane's friend and her daughter arrived last night to participate in some inaugural events. We are watching all the preparation and logistics and are a) amazed; and b) glad we will be watching it on TV. It is really a shame it doesn't happen at a better time of year--like cherry blossom season. Becca is jealous that there are balls, with ball gowns and that she isn't invited. How rude of Prince Charming, not to invite her to the ball.


Jen said...

The snow is beautiful! And the snowpants/high heeled shoes combo made me laugh outloud! Precious!

Katie said...

Turns out John, his dad and Tony already shoveled the driveway (while I was napping!) HA HA. Guess I paid those boys for nothing (well, there was about an inch they shoveled...)

sgtsharp said...

We had that much snow this morning!

Lysandra said...

If Mikey were a prince he'd invite her to a ball.

Laura said...

How on Earth is she getting up the stairs in heels? I have a hard enough time doing that.

Susan said...

Ummm...the veil is at Mom and Dad's house. I had a party there on New Year's and after we all got nice and schwilly several dress-up items came out of your old closet including, but not limited to, YOUR VEIL. There was also a fuzzy cape-like item that proved a big party hit.

Anyway, I assume you "threw out your veil" so Becca can't play with it. In that case, you should probably throw it away somewhere better than a closet that's accessible to a house full of drunks who probably could inflict just as much damage as a small child.

Also, I apparently like to play with your wedding garb? Maybe Becca and I can bond over this one day!