Friday, January 09, 2009

You Tell Me

Hi. How is everyone? How are you doing on your New Year's Resolutions. I already forgot all mine. Something about fish, or something.

(That was quick!)

So, here is my latest dilemma. John and I spend a lot of time sitting on our asses and looking around our house and saying "something just isn't RIGHT. We need some help getting this house more comfortable and liveable." Also, we need a room where more than three people can sit and hang out comfortably.

(Like, duh.)

So, we've been considering using our front "formal" living room as our main grown-up TV, family room type hangout. We would still keep the back family room (off the kitchen) as a playroom/TV/kid area. This would mean having two TVs on the same level of the house and almost within eye and ear shot of each other. Do you think this would be weird? Would you find it odd to walk in a front door to find yourself in the main hangout/family room of the house? Having it overlook the front of the house instead of the back?

(Over-think much?)

I haven't been blogging so much because I've been busy building my dream custom furniture online and then crying bitter tears over the cost of custom furniture. Then, I find myself looking at cheaper furniture and crying over how cheap it looks in comparison to the custom furniture. So, you see. No time to blog. Just time to obsess of interior design and what to do about it.

(I need help.)

So, tell me: 1) Is it okay to have two TVs on same level--in basically adjacent rooms? and 2) Is it okay to use "formal" living room as a more casual family hangout in the front of the house? and 3) Am I freakishly over-thinking things as usual? kthnxbye.


Tracy said...

YES!YES!YES! You already know what I think, but I think you should post some pictures of that expansive space as opposed to the little family room so people can see the space that is being wasted by NOT having a grown up tv room.
Umm, HGTV, Katie is ready for her interview!

Angie said...

Whatever works. I don't think it would be strange to walk straight into a family/hang out room. Many small homes only have one option for that anyway.

I hate the wishing for expensive things, but only able to afford IKEA furniture dilemma. I hate to spend money on stuff that falls apart in a short time, but the other option is to have an empty home in the meantime.

Jen said...

We have two living areas in our house (all one level). Each as a TV. And the rooms share a see through fireplace. It is really nice for Movie night. Kids movie in one room and adult movie in the other room!! Make your house livable for you and your family. You are the ones that use it the most!!!

MaryB said...

first of allyes, totally okay way to use the space. I have two tvs on same level almost adjacent - totally fine.

Second of all, I would like my brain back. It is obviously living in your head.

Angela said...

I have thought about that too. Having an adult room in the front and a more family friendly area in the back. Won't happen here. The computer is in the front. But I have seen people do it and they pull it off nicely. And I totally know how you feel about the custom furniture!!! I am so ready to get Joel and I new bedroom furniture, but looks like we may have to wait until we find a dream home. But then we won't be able to afford furniture! Right now, our IKEA bed will have to do.

Jen said...

I can't make any snide comments about over-thinking things, because THAT IS WHAT I DO FOR EVERYTHING.

As for the room usage, it's sort of hard for me to say with much authority what you should do since I haven't seen your house, but I like Tracy's idea of you posting pics. That might help me. Or maybe I'm just being nosy. Meh.

As for the 2 TVs on the same level, I doubt it would be too much of an issue. Likely, you and John will be watching one, and if the other is on, it's probably for Becca, and the volume on hers automatically loses to the grown-ups' TV, right?

Furniture: have you checked out La-Z-Boy? They are no Ethan Allen, but are steps up from Ikea. We got sofas from them over the summer, and they had a 0% for 12mo deal going...

Erin said...

I like the idea of converting the formal living room. Do you still need a tv in the family room? I have a hard time visualizing how it's set up. We only have one television (I KNOW, how UNAMERICAN of us!), but it's like the MECCA of tvs. It's GIANT and BEAUTIFUL and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT and... hmmm... what was the question?

I'm no help, as usual.

Grammy Bonnie said...

I'm with Tracy. YES, YES, YES. The purpose of home is to make it HOMEY and to meet your family's needs. Put a TV anywhere that appeals to you. I promise, the guests will still come!

The Quinn Report said...

Do what works best for you!

sgtsharp said...

Get the chainsaw out!! or maybe move your dinning room to that little closet!