Sunday, February 08, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

Lately I've been feeling a little.....hormonal? Crazy? Blah? Irritated.

(See also: Annoying postpartum hormone plummet--coupled with hair falling out in clumps.)

(And: Massive potty training FAIL with bitter battles of wills and hour upon hours of whining by everyone. Though John says it isn't so much a battle, as "a one-sided ass whipping." And we're losing. And when you lose this battle, it requires rubber gloves and bleach.)

But today. Ahhhhhh. Today. It has to be about 60 degrees outside. Sunny. Spring-like. Puddles of snow melt and mud and birds chirping My mood is just soaring.

I am reminded that spring really will come. It really will warm up and we will be able to go outside again. Really. Sometimes I forget that when I'm down in winter's dumps with rubber gloves on.

Showing off her puddle-jumping boots


sgtsharp said...

Cute pictures of the Kids!! Potty training will happen when the kids are ready! Its like cooking a turkey, its done when its done!

Andrea_Ben said...

I love the feeling of spring returning to the air. There is no greater sense of renewal!! Glad things are looking up, I am sure it is hard with two kiddos locked up inside.

Bevo said...

Adorable photos! I need to see those kids pretty darn soon - and their parents, too!

Angie said...

I have been reminded again this year that I really prefer warmer weather. It totally affects my mood, and it has been very gray for a long time.

Laura said...

I feel your pain on potty training. Bo could care less. So frustrating. But just be glad you're not still in Alaska with 2 kids. Now that sucks!! Talk about cabin fever. Ugh!

Meg said...

I know a cure for the winter can get your butt down to Austin where it's been in the mid 70's like...all month!! We sure miss you guys! Sorry about the ass beating. I guess it's true; you can't make kids eat, poop or sleep on command. But Andrew sure is a cutie!

Erin said...

It's AMAZING what a short reprieve from winter will do.

We have the same green galoshes!

I think I spelled like SEVEN WURDS WRONG in this small commant.