Thursday, February 05, 2009

In Which I Hyperventilate (Again)

Today I took Andrew in for his 4 month checkup. And, I swear to you, I almost hyperventilated in the waiting area. Why don't they have a sick area and a healthy area? All the kids in there just looked....sick. And we had to sit there and breathe in their hacked-up particulate matter. I am about to hyperventilate just writing that oh my god I am totally getting worse worse worse with the germaphobia. Why do I have to go in public anyway?

And, this is the reason why I haven't taken Becca for a 3 year checkup. Why would I bring a healthy (knock on wood) child in there during cold and flu season just to have her touch the contaminated toys? No thank you. I am quite sure she is meeting her milestones just fine.

So, anyway. Andrew is a chunky little guy. He is 15 pounds, 10 ounces, which is 70%. But, he is only 25% for height. He hardly cried much with his shots. I'm bracing myself, though, because I remember Becca being horribly cranky after her 4 month shots... so we'll see what today brings.

It is still ass-cold around here. I still have Christmas decorations up on my front porch because it is too cold, and I'm too lazy to take them down. I'm about to line February up for a punch in the face right after I finish punching January. But, much like Halloween, I am finally embracing Valentine's Day. I have never really cared for it in the past. It just seems like an overly-saccharine, overly-commercialized, overly-tacky, made-up holiday. But, I must say, watching a 3-year old gleefully pour red glitter all over everything has brightened my view of it.

Though I'm not so sure about the cute sparkles now embedded between the new floor planks.


Natalie said...

I hear you. Liv's been complaining that her eyes and the back of her head hurt. Matt is begging me to bring her in. But, her fever is going down really well, w/o medicine. So, I'm holding out. Too much nastiness there!!!

Tracy said...

Our office does have two waiting rooms. We only go in the well one once a year, so I forget what it actually looks like.

You think that is bad, you should see Jasmine at Disney. That girl was FREAKIN loaded! I thought it was a little much. Randy on the other hand saw nothing wrong with it!