Friday, February 13, 2009

Lifelong Dream Fulfilled!


Okay. So, today let's talk about something other than illness (that is likely bronchitis or walking pneumonia but we're assuming is viral right now and doctor said it might last another week holy shit I cannot take it. Because she is feeling enough better to be completely cranky and obnoxious, but not well enough to resume normal activities am I still stuck in this cycle?) Let's talk about this.

My baby sucks his thumb.
And he let me sleep 5 straight hours last night (he slept 8 straight!)Hallelujah and pass the butter.
I've always, ALWAYS wanted a thumb sucker.


Angie said...

That's hilarious that you wanted a thumb sucker. I guess you just always thought it was cute? I had older kids who sucked their thumbs in school (as in 11,) so I kind of hoped that my kids wouldn't suck their thumbs.

sgtsharp said...

I didnt think Sharps where thumb suckers,must come from another part of the family

Katie said...

I have always wanted one because I assume as babies they can get themselves to sleep without as much assistance. And it. is. so. cute.

As long as they aren't 11 years old, of course.

I sucked mine til I was 9 (but at night only as far as I know). John also was a thumb-sucker. So I guess it figures that at least one of our kids would be!

Bevo said...

Bevo was a hoof-sucker, too. And Bevo still remembers when 9-month old Katie fell down and hurt herself - and didn't want her mommy to comfort her. Instead she walked into her room (yes, Katie walked at 9 months - we have movies to prove it), pulled her blankie out of her crib, and sucked her thumb. Ah, now THAT is comfort! Bevo felt a little left out. Bevo also remembers how loooooonnng it took before Katie stopped sucking her thumb.

Jen said...

Yay! Thumb-suckers are the best. I hope that will enable him to sleep longer and put himself back to sleep after he wakes up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Andrew!! His Daddy sucked his thumb for years....It certainly makes life much easier!
Gee Gee/Grammy

Grammy Bonnie said...

Shall we go into how LONG Bevo was a thumb sucker??